4 Signs You Need A Gas Appliance Repair Service | Florence, SC

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If you own a home, then you own an oven. If you own a gas oven then it is responsible to expect that at some time in its lifespan you will need help from a gas appliance repair service. Gas ovens are a bit trickier because they depend on gas as their main source of fuel, but in many cases have an electrical pilot which makes it harder to know who to call. When a gas oven stops working, most homeowners are usually a bit puzzled about who they should call.

The answer is usually a gas appliance repair service. Your best choice is always a technician with the proper experience and training to handle a gas appliance, not a jack of all trades handyman that believes he can handle the gas connections. Natural gas is a safe power source when it is used correctly, and when it is not used correctly it can become a huge safety hazard within your home Therefore, it is best to never cut corners and simply pay for the service from a gas appliance service that you can trust

Of course, this brings up most people’s next question, which is how do I know when to call for a gas appliance repair service? Obviously, if your oven has quit working or the burners won’t ignite then you know you need to call a technician, but there may be other signs that indicate you need to call as well. Keep in mind that gas can be dangerous when not working properly in your home, so if you have any reason to be concerned about your gas stove it is always better to call than to wait. We are always happy to answer our customer’s questions and help them figure out if it’s urgent we come out or something can wait a few days.

Odd Smells from Your Oven

When your oven is working correctly your kitchen is probably filled with delicious smells such as banana bread or a home-cooked dinner, but if it is not working correctly other more noxious odors may fill the air. Don’t ignore bad odors that seem to be coming from your stove. They can signify an issue with your gas connection and sometimes point to a very real danger within your home.

Gas is odorless, but it is scented by gas companies so that you can easily detect a leak. If you smell a sulfur smell or something that resembles rotten eggs this is a clear sign that something is wrong. Do not turn off your oven, and if it is on a dedicated circuit you might consider shutting the gas valve and turning off the circuit. Do not do anything more with it until you have consulted with a gas appliance repair service in Florence, SC.

Even if the smell is not gas, but you smell something burnt or electrical you need to turn off the oven and wait for the gas appliance repair service. It is possible for wiring to warp which can cause an electrical fire that will be made worse by the presence of gas. Shutting everything down until you get an answer about the situation is the best way to proceed.

Odd Noises from Your Oven

Odd smells are not the only thing that you should be on the guard against, you also don’t want to hear any odd noises. Some people report hearing a buzzing or a ticking noise, which you should never hear. Usually, if you start to notice these sounds while your oven is on it indicates that there is a loose or broken piece somewhere.

You never want anything to be wrong with any component of an appliance that deals with gas because of the high flammability of gas. Therefore, at the first sign of any noise, you need to call a gas appliance repair service in Florence, SC, and then turn off the gas supply to your oven. There should be a gas shutoff valve located directly behind the oven. Sometimes the shut-off may be placed inside of a neighboring cabinet, but due to building codes, it will be close to the oven.

Food Keeps Burning

Everyone burns food from time to time. Some people even burn food on what seems like a regular basis, but if you start noticing that everything is burning including the things that usually come out fine you have a problem. This can be a sign that something is off with the thermostat which is why recipes that used to come out great are now coming out burnt. On the other hand, if food is coming out raw and barely cooked this is also indicating you have an issue with your gas stove. Broken components will also cause your oven not to heat correctly or could mean that your gas is venting elsewhere which can be a major issue. Once again, you need to turn off your gas oven and get on the phone with a gas appliance repair service to get to the bottom of the issue and make sure your family remains safe.

Gas Burners Won’t Turn On

The number one reason we get called out to homes is usually that the gas burners won’t light. Every so often a gas oven burner will be funny about lighting, but when it starts to happen regularly you need to call and have your oven serviced. Regular gas appliance repair service can actually help prevent this from happening, but if it already has occurred a properly trained technician from a gas appliance repair service can help solve the problem

Are you experiencing one of the above issues with your gas oven? When it comes to gas appliances, timely reaction is always the best reaction. Give Mister Sparky of Florence a call today and we promptly address the issue so you can safely use your home oven again.