5 Electric Safety Tips You Need to Practice at Home During the Rainy Season | Electricians in Florence, SC

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Florence, South Carolina, averages 45 inches of rain annually. The rain is the most in the months of July and August, combined with heavy winds across the coastal areas. The city is hot and humid for most parts of the year when it isn’t raining.

The rainy season begins in Florence and that calls for a check of your safety and preventive measures. Rain comes with several issues for your house plumbing and electrical systems, especially with everyday electrical appliances.

Modern homes are equipped with electrical appliances, without which we can’t function through the day. Whether it’s your refrigerator, water heater, or phones – everything needs electricity. But what we often forget is the safety hazards associated with the use of electrical appliances in homes. The exposure to risk increases for you and your family in the monsoon season.

Here are some safety tips that electricians in Florence, SC, want you to know in order to ensure your family and home’s safety throughout the rainy season.

1.  Prepare Your Home Prior to Rainy Season

As we all know – prevention is better than cure. Check all your electrical fittings prior to the rainy season. Electricians in Florence, SC, will suggest you that since you know when the rainy season is about to begin, be prepared and get all your fixtures and fittings checked.

The electrician will go through them just to check if all the wires are insulated and all fittings are appropriately covered. The electrical sockets outside the house or anywhere where the rainwater can enter will be covered and protected before the rain starts. With rain comes strong wind and dirt as well; so your electrician in Florence, SC, will know how to protect your electrical system from all of that.

The power system that connects to the main line is also checked and the electrician will give you guidance on how to turn off the main power safely in case anything goes wrong.

2.  Do Not Let Your Electric Appliances Get Wet

The reason for the safety hazards during the rainy season is water getting in electrical appliances and causing a short circuit. Electrical appliances fuse out or malfunction if water gets in them or stays inside. They may also catch fire if water or moisture stays inside and they are turned on. Electricians in Florence, SC, advice you to not let your appliances get wet and immediately replace or repair those that are affected.

During the rain, do not use any appliances that can get wet such as lawn mowers or furnaces. Electrical shocks and electrocution are common hazards that can take place if wet appliances are used or even touched. As part of your preparation for the rainy season, bring all your appliances and tools inside and store them in a cool dry place until the rains are over.

Electricians in Florence, SC, recommend the following tips to ensure safety while using electrical appliances inside your home:

  • Firstly, when buying appliances, remember to check whether they are tested and approved for safety by a certified laboratory.
  • During the rainy season, or even otherwise for appliances placed in the kitchen or bathrooms, turn them off when they aren’t being used. Keep them away from wet places.
  • For appliances that generate, keep them in a place where they can get enough air circulation and cooling. Do not cover appliances that are hot or warm.
  • Make sure you don’t use any appliances with wet hands or when standing in water.
  • Keep your clothes, curtains, and other materials away from generators, radiators, and other heat sources. Wear loose cotton clothes when operating near these appliances.

3.  Ensure Your Home is Grounded

A grounded home is the one where metallic parts of electrical appliances are connected to an earth plate underground. When a home is grounded, it reduced the chances of electric shocks and electrocution. This may be something very technical so if your home in Florence is not yet grounded or earthed, ask one of the professional electricians in Florence, SC, to do it for you. This will prevent you from accidents or injuries that can get life-threatening.

4.  Taking Care of Electric Cords and Sockets

Electricians in Florence, SC, recommend you to keep your electric cords in good condition. The following are safety tips you need to take for your cords and sockets:

  • Don’t use cords for any other purpose other than what they are intended to do.
  • Plug cords firmly to their sockets. If they are loose, change them immediately.
  • Do not staple them or nail them. Use tape for the purpose.
  • Do not place cords underneath rugs or carpets
  • Use insulators to cover all electric sockets at home
  • Do not overload an electric socket with multiple adapters and cords
  • Make sure they are built in places out of the reach of children

5.  Inspect Before Plugging Back

Once the rain is over, be sure to inspect your electrical cords and appliances before plugging them back in. All the wires and sockets should be dried before they are turned on. The tools or appliances that are damaged should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Consult electricians in Florence, SC, for suggestions on how to recondition electrical equipment after rain since moisture and wetness are still left.

Whether you want repair, replace, or maintain your electrical appliances and system, Mister Sparky Florence brings you the best electricians in Florence, SC, who can help you in whatever you need.

Our professionals are trained to handle homes in Florence, especially throughout the rainy season. They will guide you accordingly and ensure that you and your family are safe from all sorts of safety hazards. Electricians in Florence, SC, will also provide you necessary hands-on training which will help you protect your home for long-term.

So leave all your worries to us and enjoy the rainy season to the fullest!