6 Ways to Find a Good Electrical Contractor | Electrical Contractor in Florence, SC

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For a business owner, finding the right electrical contractor in Florence, SC is just as crucial as finding an electrician for a homeowner. With a variety of scam artists roaming around claiming to be electrical contractors, it becomes difficult for business owners to distinguish the fake from the original. An electrical contractor must be skilled, licensed, experienced and must possess the right resources to execute any electrical project.

Finding the right electrical contractor in Florence, SC, is not to be taken lightly. When you assign the task of electrical inspection and maintenance to a contractor, the investment that you have put into the installation of wiring and appliances is at stake. You can’t afford to take a risk with the wrong electrical contractor.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to find a professional electrical contractor in Florence, SC.

1. Ask for Referrals

When it comes to figuring out the reputation of an electrical contractor in Florence, SC, online reviews can prove helpful. Furthermore, when seeking referrals you can ask around in your family or among your circle of friends. Word of mouth from your family members, neighbors, colleagues and friends can make it easier for you to make a choice. These people can provide you details of the particular electrical contractors they have hired in the past. If you come across negative reviews about a particular contractor, do not write them off straight away. Instead, spend some time to find out where they went wrong.

2. Ask About Their Experience

When it comes to hiring an electrical contractor in Florence, SC, it is vitally important to find out about their past experiences. Hiring a good electrical contractor is a nerve wrecking job. Therefore, you are advised to stay patient and not be jittery. Never hesitate when asking them about their past work experience. A reputable electrical contractor is always willing to provide you with details of their past clients, and the projects worked on. Pay close attention to the way, their customer services people communicate with you. The way they treat their clients, says a lot about their dedication towards their work.

Once you get a hold of their past clients’ details; do not spare a moment to contact them. Call them and if permissible visit them. Take a look for the electrical project that electrical contractor has done for them. If they are all satisfied, there is nothing that can stop you from hiring this particular electrical contractor in Florence, SC.

3. Enquire About Their Qualifications and Trainings

A good electrical contractor in Florence, SC is very particular when it comes to qualifications of their personnel and the trainings provided to them. These trainings are extremely fruitful for they keep the electricians in tune with the latest advancements in technology. Nowadays, electrical contractors conduct in-house training sessions for their electricians. These training sessions, equip their electricians with the skills and the mindset that is required to take on day to day challenges.

One more thing that you must ask them to present you with is the license to conduct business. An electrical contractor in Florence, SC, cannot conduct business unless he has a license by the higher authorities. A contractor that fails to present you with their qualifications, license and training records, must be written off immediately.

4. Ask About Insurance

One of the many qualities of professional electrical contractors in Florence, SC is that they possess the worker compensation insurance. Never make the mistake of hiring a contractor that fails to present you with the legal paperwork regarding insurance. A contractor that is insured makes up for any damage or accident that happens on site, during the project. On the other hand, if you are working with an uninsured electrical contractor, you will have to pay for every damage that happens, while the project is in progress. If the company is insured, they must present you with genuine legal paperwork, signed by a reputable insurance company.

5. Charges and the Time Frame

Before you hire an electrical contractor in Florence, SC, it is very important to have a word with them about the money they charge. Ask them to provide you with a comprehensive price breakup, which is free from any hidden charges. A lot of the con artists tend to rip their clients off, by providing them with a bill with charges that weren’t spoken of before.

Furthermore, when planning to hire a particular electrical contractor in Florence, SC, it is better to enquire about the duration of the project in the beginning. It allows you to plan your schedules accordingly. It also helps in adjusting the schedules, provided there is a natural disaster like a hurricane, or even heavy rains. A contractor that promises to complete your project in less than two weeks must be written off immediately. The fact that they are so quick clearly shows that they will partially complete the job, and take off with the money you pay.

6. Guarantees and Warrantees

Never should you pay an electrical contractor in Florence, SC, until you are fully satisfied with their work. Before you hire them, ask them if they provide any warranty, in the case of a failure.  A reputable electrical contractor always makes up for any flaws in the project, before the payment is made. It is better to have everything written down before the project is initiated. This will save you from a great deal of financial inconvenience in the long run. The warrant will serve as a legal obligation upon the contractor to do a flawless job.


Hiring an electrical contractor in Florence, SC is a challenging task. You need to do a great deal of research before you zero in on the best option.

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