8 Signs You Need An Emergency Electrician | Florence, SC

Many homeowners in Florence, SC prefer to DIY when something happens in their home. While some homeowners prefer DIY to save money, others prefer DIY for the satisfaction of completing the project by themselves. Simple home repairs can be done by the average homeowner or renter, but licensed electricians should handle electrical repairs. Especially if you find yourself needing an emergency electrician! You should immediately call a professional if you notice your electrical system exhibits any of the following symptoms:

#1 Your Circuits Are Tripping Often

Your electrical system’s brain is the breaker box. It draws power from the street and supplies it to all the electrical outlets in your home. It is equipped with a handy safety feature that will cause circuits to trip when the system is overloaded. If the breaker box is not working properly, you could have an electrical fire which can quickly cause damage to your home.

An emergency electrician should be called if circuits are tripping often, especially as there is a risk or fire or electrocution.

An investigation of the appliances and other devices you’ve got plugged in can help to isolate the cause. It is worth checking if it is the same circuit that is tripping frequently or multiple circuits. If you’ve just added a new electric shower and the bathroom circuit is tripping frequently, you’ll need to upgrade that circuit. More widespread issues can have more dangerous consequences, however.

#2 Singed Wires in the Fuse Box

It’s a good idea for your fuse box to be inspected at least once per month. Even if everything appears to be in order and you don’t think it requires an emergency electrician, it is such an important aspect of your home electrical system that it does benefit from regular inspections.

You should immediately call a licensed electrician if you notice any singed wires. Your fuse box will be affected if the wires are damaged or bent. They can also be a fire hazard.

#3 Flickering Lights When Using Appliances

Although it may not seem like anything other than a minor inconvenience, it could indicate that there are more serious problems that require the attention of an emergency electrician.

You should first check the outlet in use where the lights flicker or dim. If the vacuum cleaner turns on and the lights in the room start acting strangely, then you may be overloading your circuit. Alternatively, if it doesn’t occur when you plug the vacuum into another outlet in the same area, it could be faulty wiring or have another cause.

It is best to contact an electrician if this often happens in your Florence, SC home. You could lose power to your home entirely or cause an electrical fire if the issue goes unchecked. It is better to call a professional sooner than later.

#4 Burning Smell in the Air

If you smell a smokey stench and cannot identify the source, it could be caused by a burning wire in the wall or an electric fire that needs an emergency electrician‘s attention.

You should immediately turn off the electricity to the house if you smell any burning wires. You should then call the fire department and ask them to inspect the walls for signs of fire. Once everything is clear, call a licensed electrician. You shouldn’t turn on the power in your house until you have checked the problem and received permission from an emergency electrician to do so.

#5 Your Outlets Are Warm to the Touch

Don’t plug anything in if the outlet feels warm. You should turn off the electricity to the house and call an electrician to investigate. It is possible that the wiring may be defective and could start a fire.

It is a good idea for you to check the outlets in your home every so often. All outlets should be cool to touch. You need to catch these issues early if you want to prevent an electrical fire. At least once a month, inspect all outlets to make sure they’re performing as they should.

#6 When You Plug Things In, You’re Getting Shocks

It could be a simple static electricity shock if you touch the plug in your house and feel an electric shock. However, if you feel like you’re getting shocked each time you plug in the outlet, it is best to call a licensed emergency electrician.

The problem could be caused by a number of things, including damaged circuits or broken cords. To correctly identify and fix the true cause, electrical training is necessary. You can prevent electrocution, house fires, and more by using professional electrical services.

#7 A Buzzing Sound Within the Walls

The chances of it being bees if you hear a buzzing sound inside your walls are slim. It could be caused by loose screws at the terminals, you could also have a wiring problem. Instead of tearing down walls to fix the problem, call a licensed emergency electrician. They can diagnose the problem and make necessary repairs with minimal fuss.

#8 Rust on the Main Electrical Panel

If you’ve noticed rust gradually taking over your main service panel, an electrical inspection and repair are needed. Rust can cause serious damage to your house’s wiring and main service panel. It also poses a risk to anyone accessing the panel to change fuses or reset circuit breakers.

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