Concerned? Don’t Hesitate To Call Our Emergency Electrician | Florence, SC

At Mister Sparky of Florence, our licensed electricians take every precaution to protect themselves and your home when they do their work. They take the risks of electricity seriously, and they know that performing their work carefully and skillfully prevents hazards like shock and fire. Your Florence, SC home also has existing wiring, outlets, fixtures, and other components that may have developed problems with age or damage. A pipe leak in the wall could result in corrosion of your wiring, or a loose outlet could have a risk of stray wiring causing sparks and fire. That’s why it’s essential to have routine electrical safety inspections, and to take any possible electrical issues seriously, such as odors near fixtures, flickering lights, or buzzing sounds near wiring. If your protective devices need frequent resetting, such as GFCI outlets or circuit breakers, that’s a reason for concern. Calling our emergency electrician to check things out can prevent danger to your family and your property. We’re here to help you avoid experiencing one of the thousands of home fires that occur each year, and to keep shock hazards from injuring your family.

Hidden Electrical Dangers Can Be Hard to Detect

Electrical problems are often hidden in your outlets, lighting fixtures and switches, and wiring that runs throughout your home. Issues can range from a power draw that’s more than the wiring can handle, to arcs that ignite nearby materials and start a hidden fire. Protective devices like circuit breakers help avoid problems, but our emergency electricians always say, “don’t assume,” because you may not know the whole picture. The circuit breaker might be rated correctly and the outlet seems fine, but in between the two someone long ago went cheap, and installed lower-capacity wiring that heats up when full power is drawn. Other issues include aluminum wiring improperly connected to outlets and switches, water damage and wiring corrosion from leaks you didn’t realize happened, and defective switches that arc and ignite as well. Loose wires are a natural consequence of loose outlets, and these are just a few of the common problems our emergency electrician finds and corrects. It can take a lot of experience to do the detective work necessary and get right to the heart of the issue, and that’s why you call us for emergency electrician care!

Expert Electrical Inspections by a Professional Who’s Seen It All

Whether your Florence, SC home is brand new or decades old, there are common problems that our emergency electrician knows may exist. With a full electrical inspection, we compare wiring and fixtures to modern requirements, and we also look for issues that need special attention. For example, even a newly-wired home may have loose wires, and older homes may have perfect wiring but signs of aging that make it unsafe. Our emergency electrician has seen what happens in those cases, and is motivated to make sure your family doesn’t experience the disruptions and even tragedies that electrical problems can bring. Thousands of homes experience electrical fires each year, and the signs may be hidden in the walls, or not significant enough to cause residents to make the call to us for emergency electrician care.

Signs of Electrical Trouble

So, what kinds of problems need attention from our emergency electrician? Fire and electric shock are two major concerns, so let’s start with those. Flickering lights, buzzing sounds from switches and outlets, plugs that are warm to the touch when you pull them out of the outlet, and flashes of light from switches when you operate them are a few. Other problems may arise if you’re making modifications as simple as hanging a picture, shaking the wall or hitting wiring with your drill. Loss of power on a circuit is an issue, especially if you can’t explain it with an unintentional overload such as microwave and hair dryer together. Anytime you need to reset a circuit breaker or replace a fuse more than once is time to figure out what’s going on, and asking our electricians to help is a wise choice. Odors of sparks or “something burning” are time to take action, including calling us and possibly the fire department as well. Any time water and electricity are mixed, that’s an especially dangerous situation that you should call about for help. If you touch anything in your home and feel a tingle, call to have it checked out. Sometimes a slight shock is a sign of a serious danger that you avoided by luck, and you don’t want to let that risk remain. GFCI protection should be updated about every decade to maintain protection against kitchen and bathroom shocks, by the way. Problems with grounded outlets can also produce shocks from unexpected items.

Water and Electricity Can Surprise You with Deadly Risks

Our instincts can sometimes lead to deadly situations, simply because our priorities aren’t right for the situation. For example, if someone experiences a shock when contacting both water and electricity, your first instincts may get you shocked, too. Ask our team or your fire department for information on safely assisting them without getting shocked yourself. If you experience a pipe leak, bathroom overflow, or other water issue that may have contacted electrical wiring in the walls or nearby, consider that hazardous and call for help. Any time that water may have contacted wiring, it should be checked for corrosion hazards.

Your Local, Safety-Oriented Electricians That You Know and Trust

Serving Florence, SC and the local area with personalized, safe electrical care and trustworthy emergency electrician services, at Mister Sparky of Florence, we care about your family’s safety. When you have a concern about your electrical power, we encourage you to call and talk with us about it. We can provide a better solution or answer that’s specific to your home, much better and safer than looking it up! Just give us a call for all your electrical care needs!

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