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Are you considering getting outdoor lighting? Perhaps you want to spend more time in your garden area with your family? Or you’re looking for electrical repair or an electrician for a new build? If you’re searching for repairs in Florence, SC, don’t hesitate to contact Mister Sparky. This company is available for all electrical repair and installation and can also install outdoor lighting where you want it.

There are many different types of outdoor lighting on the market; this article will look at each one and help you decide what kind of lighting would be best for your garden.

What Is Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting, also known as landscape lighting, are lights that have been designed especially for use outside in your home’s garden. A wide selection of lighting is available, which will add both beauty and functionality to your garden.

If you have patio pavers outside your home, this could be enhanced with the addition of landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting will illuminate your yard, making it decorative and also helping to extend your living space. If you’re planning to use your garden frequently during the warm spring and summer evenings, it’s essential to have outside lighting to make it a safe space. Lighting can be put into the ground to illuminate paths, borders, and walkways.

You can make your garden look beautiful by choosing well placed, colorful lighting, which will enhance the look of your patio and yard. There are several different types of landscape lights to choose from. These include strings of fairy lights or lanterns, larger lanterns that can be placed on the ground or tables, mounted lights and rope lighting, which can be laid on the ground. If you live in a sunny climate, you may also consider buying solar-powered ground lights for your garden.

Different Types of Outdoor Lighting

Lighting that you use in your garden has to be specifically designed for the purpose. It should be able to withstand the weather, should be hardwearing and waterproof. You should carefully consider what type of lighting you want in your garden as different lighting will provide a different atmosphere. Do you want low, soft lighting that creates a romantic atmosphere? Or brighter lights that will illuminate your whole garden so that you can keep an eye on the kids.

Outdoor lighting will be installed so that it uses the electricity from your home to power it. You’ll need to hire an electrician to install your landscape lighting, and they can also carry out any electrical repair to your home.

Let’s look at the different types of outdoor and landscape lighting available.

Wall Mounted Lighting

Wall-mounted lighting will be wired into your power supply and be attached firmly to the outside walls of your property. These types of lights are typically placed at the front of your home, to light your entrance or garage. They are functional because they allow you to go into your home quickly and safely. They also illuminate the way for visitors.

Some wall-mounted lighting will also include a sensor so that they turn on when anyone walks or drives past. This has the added benefit that your property will be lit up if there are any intruders outside.

Wall Mounted lighting can also be used to light up your garden or patio, which will help you to create an outdoor living or entertaining space. If you have a large garden, you may want to choose angled wall lighting that you can easily adjust to shine further into your garden. On the other hand, you could combine mounted wall lighting with different types of landscape lighting, such as rope lighting that will go around the edge of your borders.

If you’re considering purchasing wall mounted lighting, call an electrician for electrical repair and installation. They can also offer advice about what type of lighting would be best for your garden.

Ground Lighting

Ground lighting includes rope lighting, lanterns, and lighting that’s mounted to a stake that can be put into the ground. If you have a large garden, ground lighting is excellent to illuminate further into its depths. Ground lighting can either be connected to your home’s electricity supply or, in some cases, can be powered by solar panels.

Rope lighting is a plastic rope that contains hundreds of LED bulbs. These are available in a variety of different colors, and some are even programmed to change color periodically. Rope lights can be laid around the edges of borders and paths and help to add a magical feel to your garden. They will also help guide people when it’s dark so that your flowers don’t get trampled.

Fairy Lights and Other Lighting

Strings of fairy lights or small lanterns can be strung along your fence. These create a nice atmosphere and are particularly popular with children. If you are entertaining, you may like to have some fairy lights. These are likely to be a temporary type of lighting and should be taken in when you have finished entertaining. They will either be powered by battery or plugged into a socket through an open window. If you decide to buy fairy lighting, check that they are suitable for outdoor use, as they need to be able to withstand rain if they have to. Using the fairy lights from your Christmas tree isn’t recommended.

Electrical Repair, Florence, SC

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