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People engaging in home improvement or remodeling projects factor in electricals, including the type of wiring, receptacles, lighting, and circuit breakers. Selecting electrical outlets can be tasking and requires considering numerous aspects, including safety, protection, affordability, location of installation, appliances they will power, and voltage and amps. Choosing from multiple options requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of most types.

For that reason, you need the help of an experienced electrician with expert skills in electrical services to guide you through the different outlets, their functions, voltage, and the specific places to install them indoors or outdoors.

The tech you get for the remodeling or electrical upgrade can assist choose from the following outlets or receptacles by sharing their ins and outs.

Grounded Receptacle

NEC codes in 1947 required homes to have grounded receptacles in wet areas, especially laundry places. By 1956, NEC extended the scope for grounding outlets to cover breezeways and open porches that might require electricity to perform tasks. In 1959, NEC increased the dwelling areas to install grounded outlets in workshops, basements, cellars, and outdoor walls to serve exterior spaces.

In addition, the codes expect the professionals offering unmatched electrical services to mount the grounded receptacles in locations where individuals using electricity stand on the ground or conductors. Such places in homes include lawns and yards that need electrical lawn mowing appliances to trim long grass.

The three-pole outlets are the best for grounding outdoors and in kitchens and bathrooms. An electrician providing exceptional electrical services installs the receptacle outlets at equal distances apart from each other for laundry appliances such as washing machines.

Moreover, in 1968 the NEC 250.95 code added that grounding and ungrounded conductors should be the same size as amp circuits.

Electricians with expertise in electrical services, install grounded receptacles or outlets to protect family members and workers from electrocution and other electric accidents.

Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRRs)

When electrical experts upgrade the electrical systems in your home, they should consider installing tamper-resistant receptacles, especially if they have kids. The 2008 NEC requires homes to have TRR outlets to reduce the risk of shocks and electrocution. Electrical outlets are responsible for approximately 4,960 electrical injuries in children below 18 from 2008 to 2016.

Electrical services from a skilled professional ensure the accurate installation of tamper-resistant outlets with spring-loaded shutters that protect kids by closing the openings or slots, preventing them from inserting metallic substances. Most kids are prone to put hair pins, spoons, keys, wires, forks, paperclips, and metallic rods.

The tamper-resistant outlets work differently from other receptacles because they require force when installing plugs in the energized parts. People using the outlets apply pressure simultaneously in two shutters when inserting plugs and extension cords for the receptacle to work.

They are best in dwelling areas that children frequent, including bedrooms, living rooms, and other indoor and outdoor parts. Other places where technicians providing electrical services install the TRR outlets include daycare or childcare, preschool, commercial places that welcome kids, and guest rooms. The added safety features of the receptacles make them popular for both commercial and residential property owners.

USB Outlets

Another receptacle option that is becoming common in the electrical market is the USB outlet. The receptacles save people the clutter of walking with clunky adapters because they can easily plug their charger cords into the outlet. When hiring electricians for electrical services that entail the installation of receptacles, they can recommend the USB type that they install on the wall.

The outlets usually have one or two in-built USB charging ports. They can charge phones, tablets, power banks, and Bluetooth systems and are uncomplicated for a contractor to install. With correct installation, the USB ports are safe and can provide power ranging from 15-amp, 20-amp, and 30-amps.

The receptacles are also versatile from numerous manufacturers and brands. They make charging digital technological devices easy. They have different configurations, power levels, voltages, and amperages.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Receptacles

In addition to the above outlets, the hired electricians you get for extensive electrical services during remodeling should install AFCIs in your home if you don’t have one. The National Electrical Code first introduced the AFCI receptacles in 1999 to protect family members from electrical accidents and fires from dangerous arcing. The National Fire Protection Association approximates that homes accounted for more than 47,000 electrical fires in 2011.

In 2020, NEC 210.2 code made adjustments to have the outlets or circuit breakers installed in dwelling places, including bedrooms, kitchens, libraries, closets, dining rooms, parlors, and other parts. They also come in handy in laundry areas, but GFCIs are better for those places to prevent electrocutions because they trip the second they detect ground faults.

With correct installation, AFCIs are the best in preventing electrical fires because they sense the dangerous arc faults due to overheating outlets and damaged and loose wiring. They are common in older homes with frayed and cracked wires.

The receptacle can detect arc faults and shut off the power supply in branch circuit wiring and connected appliances and cords. They also protect homes from all downstream wires and electricals from series and parallel arcs.

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