Electrical System Malfunctions That Should Prompt a Call To Your Local Electrician | Florence, SC

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Electrical system maintenance is important for several reasons. The number one reason for keeping up with electrical repair and maintenance is safety. An unhealthy electrical system can lead to electrical fire and shock. Both of which can lead to serious injury, property damage, or even death. To properly maintain your electrical system, have a professional electrician inspect, repair, and upkeep your system on a routine basis. If you live in or around the Florence, SC, area, contact Mister Sparky of Florence for all of your electrical repair and maintenance needs.

Preventive electrical system maintenance will help you maintain a healthy electrical system and healthy appliances. Although electrical system failures are common among unhealthy electrical systems, well-maintained electrical systems could malfunction for unforeseen reasons. When malfunctions make themselves apparent, it is important to act fast and contact a professional electrician for emergency repair services. Electrical malfunctions can cause extensive property damage. The faster you repair electrical faults the less damage will occur.

Common Electrical Faults That Should Be Addressed Immediately

If your electrical system is well maintained, the chances of you experience these mishaps are very low. This is why it is important to practice preventive maintenance when it comes to all of your home systems. Your home’s electrical system is no different. If your electrical system is old or poorly installed, the chances of experiencing the following electrical malfunctions are more likely. To prevent these electrical faults from causing irreversible damages, contact your local emergency electrician for urgent assistance.


Sparks are an obvious sign of electrical malfunction. Sparks are very dangerous. If you see any spars while using any of your electrical outlets or appliances, contact an emergency electrician right away. Spars can easily lead to electrical fire and shock.

Sparks usually occur around the outlet areas because electricity is always flowing and present in these appliances. The sparks may be small or large, regardless of their magnitude, you should contact a professional to inspect these electrical features and ensure their safety for use. Even a small spark, that may seem insignificant, can cause injury to another person.

Sparks could be caused by a number of things. Small brief sparks of energy may not be cause for alarm, however, they should not be underestimated. Small brief sparks of energy happen, and it is considered normal. If it happens often, it may be cause for alarm. Sparks that come from outlets that are considered harmless are the ones that don’t have any more voltage than that of static electricity. If these small sparks happen quite often, it could indicate a wire has short-circuited, frayed, or other communications have occurred. If this is the case contact an emergency electrician right away. If you live in or around the Florence, SC, area, contact Mister Sparky for all of your electrical service needs.

Burning Outlets

Burnt outlets are a clear sign of improper electrical system installation or system decay. Either way, you should refrain from using those outlets and contact an emergency electrician for urgent repair in the case of burning outlets.

Electrical energy is hot. The electrical system you have in your home is outfitted to withstand the heat and electrical power generated and distributed to you by either your electrical power company or other electrical power sources. The home electrical system is designed to handle only a certain amount of energy at one time. Your home’s electrical system features and components must be well maintained and intact in order to function as it was designed to. When electrical systems are poorly maintained and they will decay. This, in turn, will cause your electrical components to become weathered down and unsafe to use. Old wires and cables will no longer be able to hold the electrical load, which can lead to the burning of outlets. If this is the case, your professional electrician will have to repair your system by replacing and reconnecting some of your electrical system wirings to make it safe for use once again.

The most common cause for a burning outlet is improper installation. Amateur or do it yourself electrical work can easily cause your electrical system to malfunction. Electrical outlets must be wired in a certain way in order to ensure their proper functioning. Many times, electrical outlets can become ungrounded or be installed that way. If this is the case, you have a serious problem on your hands. All outlets and light switches must be properly grounded in order to prevent electrical fires.

Grounding an electrical outlet or light switch simply refers to the intentional redirection of electrical systems energy. To properly ground your outlets and light switches, you must intentionally direct your home’s electrical energy towards the ground. An ungrounded electrical system’s energy is being directed elsewhere, which will cause serious damage to your home’s electrical system and eventually lead to an electrical fire.

Circuit Breaker Trips

Your circuit breakers are designed to trip. It can be tripped automatically or manually. Circuit breakers are installed in every home’s electrical system to ensure safety and control over your home’s circuits. The circuits in a home carry electrical volts all over the home. The circuit breaker box or electrical panel is where the circuit breakers are housed. There are circuit breakers for each electrical circuit. The circuit breakers basically break or disconnect the electrical power from the outside to your home. This will completely cut off the electrical current that is powering your home.

If your circuit breaker trips every once in a while, this may not be a cause for alarm. This may just mean your circuit breaker is doing what it was designed to do. However, if your circuit breaker is tripping frequently, it may be doing so because it has to or it has found a fault in the system. Circuit breakers may trip if you are using too many high-wattage appliances at one time. Other reasons your circuit breaker may trip frequently are due to malfunctions and power surges in your electrical system. Take note of how many times your circuit breaker is being activated. If it is happening too often for comfort, contact a professional electrician for system repair and inspection.

If you live in or around the area and are in need of a professional and experienced electrician, contact Mister Sparky of Florence for all of your electrical service needs.