Frequent Electrical Problems Every Homeowner Should Know From Their Electrician | Florence, SC

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In the United States, Electrical fires in homes account for about 51,000 fires occurring annually. The fires trigger a body count of approximately 500 deaths and over 1400 injuries. Additionally, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that defective electrical outlets lead to about 40 deaths and more than 100 injuries annually. These statistics are worrying, and so homeowners should always be diligent with electrical matters to be on a safer side.

You need to have some idea about possible electrical problems that could occur in your home to be able to seek help from an electrician in Florence, SC, before it’s too late. Below are some issues that can imply that your home could be suffering from possible electrical problems.

Exaggerated electrical bills

As a homeowner, you would probably get mad when after saving up on energy use all month, you still get an exceedingly high electricity bill from your utility supplier. Although the problem may be from the main power line, your electrical system might also be the cause of your hiked bills. Some of the issues may include damaged wiring, leakage in electrical systems, and outdated electrical devices.

If you feel like you’re paying more for what you consume, talk to an electrician to come and inspect the root of any electrical defaults in your house and fix them. While at it, ensure that you seek help from a licensed, certified, and experienced electrician. When it comes to electrical matters, you should only put your system in the hands of the best technicians.

Lighting problems

Lighting issues are common in many households in Florence, SC, and they include consistent bulb burnouts. You may have replaced your bulbs once or multiple times, and this can take a toll on your finances. You may think that the manufacturer of the bulb is the problem, so you change the brand, but that might not be the case. The problem could be somewhere in your electrical system. Reasons for bulb burnouts can include loose bulb holders, high voltage, and improper air circulation.

Additionally, you may notice that your bright bulbs are lighting dimly, or their equivalent dim ones illuminate very brightly. Again, do not blame the bulbs or their creators since the problem might be with the main power panel having technical issues. In case you experience such problems, do not hesitate to contact a professional. The technician is capable of detecting the specific electrical issue and fixing the error.

Exposed wires

As a concerned homeowner, it’s not uncommon to fear the thought of popped out electrical wires that could lead to fatal accidents. And when you have children in your home, the fear factor can be on another level. No homeowner would want any family member to become a victim of an electric shock while running simple errands in the house. And with the dangers that a protruded wire poses, for instance, lifetime disability, it would be quite a traumatizing time to have to deal with the aftermath of electric shocks. Exposed wires could also reduce the rating of your home’s indoor aesthetics.

Your electrical system could also be too old and backstabbed, meaning that the insulation has holes or cutting. In such a case, the live wires will be exposed to the outside world, posing a safety hazard. With all the named frightening events, you should ensure that hanging wires do not exist in your premise. It’s wise to link up with an electrician as quickly as possible to fix the mess and restore your house into a safe zone.

Old and ineffective wiring material

A factor that prospective homeowners look at while searching for a house to purchase is the age of the property. One thing that some fail at is inspecting the fancy nature of the interior decor and the exterior landscape yet overlook the things that matter, including electric wiring. Some electrical service contractors only come for the money and provide substandard services, including improper wiring. Additionally, the wires could be old and outdated hence incapacitated to work effectively.

The material used in producing the wires for electrical products could also be a source of electrical problems. For instance, in the past, aluminum wires were preferred for wiring, but studies later determined that they are a driver of electrical fires. Wire manufacturers decided to replace aluminum with copper since it’s less susceptible to oxidation when conducting heat. The wiring talk can sound uninteresting, unappealing, and even hard to comprehend to a regular person. For more on the subject, you should talk to an electrician to get more insight, inspection services for your wiring system, and a replacement when necessary.

Lack of GFCIs and RCDs in your electrical system

An RCD is a device used to detect and avert low voltage if there’s a current leak. The device automatically turns off the power supply switch once it detects an unusual current flow. For you to prevent electrocution due to sudden low voltage of an electrical current, you should seek installation services from a certified electrician in case your system doesn’t have the device.

A GFCI also works to prevent electrocution incidents in homes. The device detects any possible human contact with electricity and turns off the power supply on the spot. It is a safe option for you and your young kids if you do not spend much time monitoring what they do every day. To install the products in your electrical system, you should seek the services of an experienced electrician.

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