Hiring An Electrician To Do Electrical Upgrades To Bring Your Classic Home, Apartment, Or Vacation Retreat Into The 21st Century | Florence, SC

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If your home in the area has a real old-fashioned fuse box with glass fuses, two-pronged electrical outlets, or wiring that doesn’t properly handle your modern appliances, let’s talk about some electrical repairs and an upgrade. Advice and help from an electrician could make a big difference in your life. Modern electrical wiring and outlets are not only more convenient, they’re safer as well. We’re Mister Sparky, your local electrician and we’re here to help you bring your property into the 21st century with power and technology that makes your life better.

Added Electrical Protection

We can put protective circuits in your kitchen and bathroom to avoid shock hazards around water, use three-prong outlets and appropriate wiring to provide safety grounds everywhere. We’ll upgrade your circuits from 15 amps to 20 so that you can more comfortably and safely run your kitchen appliances, power tools, hairdryer, and basement freezer. An important part of our service is our ability to upgrade from what works, to what works correctly. We make sure that the power you’re drawing with your hairdryer or microwave isn’t slowly heating wires and connections in the wall, getting dangerously close to disaster each time. Let us add circuits, upgrade your wiring, and help you live in confidence that your home is up to date and up to code.

Electricians Work Outdoors, Too

We can even add outdoor wiring for your patio or pool and a charging station for your electric vehicle. Do you need new lighting or are you moving towards smart home technology? We have some amazing ideas for you. Safety is essential when you’re installing power outdoors or in your outbuildings such as your garage or shed, so let us do it right. We’ll use the proper protective equipment such as GFCIs, make proper grounds and use the right methods for routing and burying electrical wiring so you don’t get surprises later.

Outdoor Living

If you’ve been staying close to home lately in Florence, SC, you may have been thinking about adding more lighting and other electrical features to the outdoors of your home. Maybe you’ve been looking at deck designs or are thinking of pouring a patio. Count on your helpful Mister Sparky professionals to not only install the lighting, outlets, and connections you need, but to offer ideas for outdoor living that you may not have thought of, such as outdoor sound systems and refrigerators, or support for your barbeque or fire pit. Why not add some extra lighting fixtures and use programmable smart bulbs for endless changes in ambiance, from party colors to a soft, warm late-evening glow? We’re your lifestyle electrician as well.

Home Theater

If you’re putting in a nice home theater system with lots of electronic components, you may be frustrated by a lack of outlets. And what about your cabling, are you running it in plain sight or under the rug? Adding outlets and concealing your wiring are things your electrician can help with, making your beautiful home theater installation elegant and safe. Your licensed electrician can even give you some advice on protecting your equipment with lightning and surge protection.

Power Protection

Whole house or equipment specific lighting and surge protection can save both money and headaches by protecting your expensive electronics such as home theater equipment, televisions, computers, and smart home gear. Sometimes the damage is obvious, such as from nearby lightning strikes or major power spikes, but sometimes damage to delicate electronics happens over time, slowly degrading the circuitry until one day the gear just quits. Your friendly professional can install equipment at your circuit breaker box that protects equipment throughout your home from both lightning strikes in the area and variations in power quality brought on by nearby transformer issues, factory equipment coming online, and other major power load transitions.

Backup Power

Speaking of power quality, do you have a need for power when your commercial electricity fails? Mister Sparky has a lot of experience with that, and can help you choose a generator or other backup power source that gives you the power you need. We understand the difference between inexpensive portable generators which often are only good for lights and heating, and commercial-quality generation equipment that provides smooth, regulated sine wave power that treats your equipment such as televisions and computers with power that won’t stress their expensive circuits.

Smart Home

These days, smart home equipment handles many of your electrically operated home features such as lighting, security and locks, window shades, HVAC, and home entertainment. At Mister Sparky, we understand smart home technology and can work with your provider to ensure that your systems are reliable and safe, functioning as intended. We know that you count on us to make sure your home’s electrical systems are the foundation of a comfortable life.

Your Emergency Electrician On-Call

From lighting and circuit breaker problems to underground power repair, we’re available for a rush visit when you have power problems before a party, or 24/7 emergency calls when you need electrical problems fixed now. We’ll bring your home out of darkness or check your safety after a lightning strike. We can also help with damaged data cables and flickering lights which might be causing computer problems. As your home and business emergency electrical service, we’ll check, repair, and install your electrical equipment promptly to not only ensure your safety, but keep your life moving along as well.

Mister Sparky, Your Top-Notch On-Call Electrician

We’re Mister Sparky, your local electrician with extensive experience serving your friends and neighbors throughout the Myrtle Beach and Florence, SC area. Our people are highly skilled and keep their qualifications current. We want to be the professionals you call when you have an emergency, need an electrical repair, have design ideas to make a reality, or equipment you want to install. Call us 24/7 at 843-375-6999 for a fast emergency response.