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You’re decorating your new home. You have consulted every architect and interior designer in the area. You have selected the wallpaper, hardwood flooring, curtains, windows, doors and even all the furniture.

You can see it all in your head. You enter your home and hope to see the pristine, well-decorated and aesthetically pleasing living room—except when you enter the room, everything is dark. You forgot to select the light fixtures.

Don’t worry, the situation can be fixed. There are plenty of light fixtures in Florence, SC. All you need to do is pick the right one. However, in order to do that, you will need helpful guidelines about choosing the proper types of light fixtures and then calling for electrician services to help fit in the light fixtures.

Selecting the Right Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are often the most important part of a home and interior design and require extensive electrician services in Florence, SC. A light fixture pulls together the entire look of a bedroom, living room or kitchen and serves to light the rooms as needed.

You need to select light fixtures in accordance with their utility in a room as well as their aesthetic value within the room. Make sure to check the height of the room and figure out the spacing, height and size of the light fixture in accordance with the room’s dimensions. This can be determined by competent electrician services in Florence, SC.

This is to make sure that the light does not hang too low over your coffee table or the light in your kitchen is not ill-positioned and is, therefore, casting shadows.

You should consider each room and select light fixtures according to their use. Electrician services in Florence, SC, can help you with this task, as well. Entryways, halls or foyers should be brightly lit so as to lend you visibility as you enter the house and make the space more inviting.

In a living room, you can have light fixtures with higher wattage but also consider lamps that give off a dim light. Living rooms are versatile spaces in the home where you will spend time lounging about, eating or having a party and the lighting needs to be suited to these needs.

Kitchens usually have overhead lights or extra spotlights installed so you can easily chop vegetables, cook and identify ingredients without having to squint around in the darkness or dim lighting.

Also, don’t forget to have lighting over your bathroom mirror! You’ll regret not installing one when you are struggling to shave in the morning or put on makeup at night. All of these light fixtures can be easily fixed into the rooms by professional electrician services in Florence, SC.

Types of Light Fixtures

Now, you’ll be confused about which light fixtures to choose. In fact, you may not even know how many types of light fixtures there are! Here are a couple of examples:

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are surface-mounted to walls in any room you wish. They can create ambient atmospheres but are often used to create the greatest amount of visibility in a room. They are cheap, versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

Under-cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting involves lighting fixtures being installed underneath cabinets like kitchen cabinets. These are extremely useful to make kitchen counters more visible and well-lit so that you can see clearly when you cook or work around the kitchen at night.


Lamps are a very common type of lighting fixture but they are popular for a reason. They can add character to the interior design of a space, are portable and versatile and can illuminate any space you need.

Desk lamps can be used on study tables for children or teenagers. They can also be used in studies or home offices for people who work from home or prefer to have a separate study.

Floor lamps are often used in bedrooms or living rooms and can be transported here and there. They are incredibly stylish and can create an ambient setting in your room. They can complement the décor very well and are often must-have interior design features.

Table lamps can be used on every surface, from bedside tables in bedrooms to tables in living rooms to tables in hallways. They create a warm, ambient atmosphere and increase visibility in the room.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are one of the oldest kinds of light fixtures since they have been in use for interior design purposes since the 20thcentury.

If you like ceiling-mounted lights, you should definitely consider getting electrician services to install these in your Florence homes. The bulb will be protected by glass or plastic covers and you will have a beautiful, well-lit living space.

Pendant Lighting

This is when a light hangs suspended from the ceiling like a pendant from a necklace. Pendant lighting is great for bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms. They are aesthetically pleasing and add style to a living area.

They can be adjusted by electrician services to hang low or higher above room surfaces and are quite trendy in Florence, SC.

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