How to Tell If It Is Time to Upgrade Your Electrical System | Insight from Your Trusted Florence, SC Electrical Contractor

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Most people don’t think about the electrical system in their homes until they have a problem with it. If you live in an older home, you may know that there are issues with your electrical system, but have put off calling for help from electrical contractors in Florence, SC. Common signs of trouble including circuits that frequently blow, the presence of knob and tube wiring, or lights that flicker every time you turn on the oven or do a load of laundry. However, electrical systems are not finite, and they can eventually cause large problems for homeowners if they are not updated.

So, the question becomes, how can you tell when you need to update your electrical system? Some of the signs listed above are definite indicators, but there are a few others that you should familiarize yourself with. While calling electrical contractors and getting service quotes may not be your idea of a good time, avoiding a house fire probably is. Properly maintaining your electrical system helps ensure that your property and family stay safe. When you consider this, the small cost of an electrical upgrade is worth it. Here are a few reasons to upgrade and a few signs that it may be time for you to do so.

Why Upgrade Your Electrical System?

Electrical systems are only as good as the technology that existed when your home was built. If you have a fairly modern home built within the decade by electrical contractors, your electrical system is likely still sound (although there are exceptions to every rule). However, if you have an older home than chances are your electrical system is now quite dated and not up to par with modern electrical demands.

Most older homes feature electrical systems that only handle low amounts of amperage. Old electronics and appliances did not require high amounts of amps, so the systems were built around that fact. Today’s modern appliances require a much larger amount of amperage which can quickly fry an older electrical circuit. If you have an older home with modern appliances you are likely stressing your electrical system regularly.

Every time you turn on one of these appliances it draws on the system and the high amounts of amperage can trip breakers or fuses in your home. While annoying, tripping a breaker is the best-case scenario. If your breaker does not trip but the amperage is too high for your electrical system then the wires will overheat eventually leading to an electrical fire. If this doesn’t have you calling some electrical contractors yet, the next point may.

Unfortunately, homes with older electrical systems are more likely to have breakers that fail to rip when they should. Circuits trip to protect your home from electrical overheating, so when they fail to trip the risks to your property grow. The age of the breaker or a loose connection within the electrical system can both be reasons for this. Of course, loose wiring also increases the risk of electrocution which is why you should only allow trained electrical contractors in Florence, SC to handle this problem in your home.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Electrical System?

Now that you understand the importance of upgrading your electrical system, it is time to determine if your electrical system needs it. If you live in a home built with the help of electrical contractors in Florence, SC within the past decade you are probably okay. If your home is older, then it may be time to have an electrical inspection just to be sure.

In general, homes that were built anytime earlier than the 40’s need a complete electrical system overhaul even if you aren’t noticing outward signs. At this point, the electrical wiring is simply old. Hopefully, you had a home inspection before purchasing a home, but if you inherited the home then you should contact electrical contractors and book your home inspection.

A close electrical inspection is the only way to know for sure whether your electrical system is still safe. Sometimes there are clear signs that it isn’t, but sometimes the signs are not as noticeable. This is even truer if safety devices such as circuits that trip aren’t present. You also may want to inspect your basement or attic or exposed electrical wiring such as knob and tube wiring. This was common in the 20s-40s and is not considered up to par with modern standards. If you see this, then it is a clear sign to get on the phone with some electrical contractors and have your system updated.

Sometimes the symptoms appear more bothersome than worrisome, but they are signs nonetheless that you need to call electrical contractors about upgrading your electrical system. Some of the common smaller signs that it may be time to upgrade your electrical system include:

  • Minor shocks when touching a cord near the outlet or an electrical appliance
  • A lack of outlets around your home
  • Circuit breakers that trip frequently
  • Fuses in the circuit breaker blowing frequently
  • Lights that flicker or dim when major appliances are first turned on
  • The smell of burning or electric in any room in the home
  • A lack of grounded (3-prong) outlets
  • Constant power surges

If you observe any of the above signs regularly, then it is likely that you need to replace your entire electrical system. While this may seem overwhelming, expert electrical contractors can usually complete the task within a day for a reasonable price compared to the price of a home fire. Remember that all electrical work should only be performed by a qualified, licensed, and insured electrician. Upgrading your electrical system is not something you should Google, and is best left to professionals who can troubleshoot any future problems along the way. Contact Mister Sparky of Florence, SC to schedule an appointment!