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Good intentions to fix an arcing outlet or upgrade an overloaded circuit won’t keep your house from damage and danger if things go wrong before you call us at Mister Sparky. Today’s the day to make your home safer and more convenient with the right kind of outlet, modern wires, and circuit breakers, and proper light bulb sockets. While you’re at it, let’s tuck away exposed wires, add ground fault interrupters in the kitchen and bathrooms, and make any other electrical repairs and fixes that you’d like for peace of mind. We can also improve your standard of living, but let’s start with the safety items first.

Your Home’s Wiring at Middle Age

The average home in Florence, SC is around forty years old, which is just when we professionals recommend that an electrician give the wiring a once-over. You may have noticed some signs of impending trouble, like fuses and circuit breakers that flip on their own fairly often, lights that dim, and outlets or switches that buzz, zap, smell funny, or have discoloration visible. Oh yes, and if you touch somewhere and get a shock, don’t touch it again, and don’t wait to call us. Electrical safety is our business, and we can make sure your home’s electrical service and wiring, all the switches, outlets, and equipment, are up to code.

Old Wires and Switches

Old switches and wiring look cool and retro, but if you have cloth-covered wiring and switches you turn, it might be time to get something modern and safer carrying your current. Even if you’ve got a nice 60s or 70s electrical system with those great quiet mercury switches and maybe some aluminum wiring. Yes, they did use aluminum wiring in houses for a while. Though it’s typically safe, there are a few aluminum-related issues we should check for you to make sure that your wiring is still working correctly.

Dimmers from the Past with New Light Bulbs

Life gets more complicated as time passes, and one area that has changed more than you’d suspect is dimmer switches like the ones you might find in your dining room to set the mood. Everything’s fine until you switch out those old incandescent bulbs for modern compact fluorescents and then — you need a compatible dimmer switch for the new technology. We can help with that, and anywhere else that you need new gear for new bulbs such as wall sconces, ceiling lights, or front porch lights.

Yard Lighting

If you’ve got floodlights for your yard, power running to your shed, garage, or outbuilding, how long has it been since those wires were checked? Weather has effects on wire and fixtures, and even one little leak can cause some serious issues. If you have a pool, we’re the ones to call if your pump or lighting needs repair. For older outdoor power, we’ll all sleep better at night if you get us to put in GFCIs to protect against electrical hazards and perhaps update your weather-proof outlet boxes as well.

Electrical Heating

Generally, baseboard electrical heating is just there and working until one day it quits. If you’re feeling a little chilly, we can check the wiring and the thermostat and tend to the problem. If your heating is inadequate in your basement, bedroom, or other location we can add more heating elements and the wiring to support them. These are high-current devices, and the wiring quality is critical. If there’s any other heating-related wiring in your home we’ll be glad to check it and perform electrical repairs as needed. Have you considered an under sink water heater in your kitchen? We can put in a circuit for it too.

Bare, Frayed, and Aging Wires

Ideally, your home’s wiring is tucked away behind the walls and in conduit. In reality, changes in electrical code over the years, do-it-yourself homeowners who came before you, and other factors can leave your wiring exposed, worn, and risky, especially in the basement or garage. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, call us for electrical repair service before a damp day or accidental contact leave somebody shocked, or something bumps it and there are sparks and smoke.

Hurricane and Flooding Electrical Repairs

In the Florence, SC area things do get a bit wet, especially after storms blow in from the coast. If you have any flooding or excessive dampness in your home where the wiring isn’t weatherproof, drying out may not be enough. The water can leave deposits on the wires and junction boxes that lead to shorts overheating, now or in the future. It’s better to identify and perform any necessary electrical repairs and rewiring now, rather than bit by bit as emergencies arise.

Rewiring Homes and Apartment Buildings

Sometimes the repairs you need could be better addressed with an expert rewiring job, done faster than piecemeal electrical repair work and leaving nothing to chance if you’re not around to listen for arcing and smell for smoke. You’ve seen how quickly new construction gets done — there are technologies and materials that make wiring a snap, and you can design your electrical system to meet all of your modern needs, from outlets to circuit capacity and voltage.

Expert Upgrades Along the Way

Any time you invite us in for electrical repairs or specific projects, we’re glad to talk about any future plans or ideas that you have in mind. Whether it’s a home theater you’re planning for a new family room in the basement or an arc welder for the garage, we can help you understand what your electrical upgrade requirements would be.

Count on Mister Sparky for Electrical Repair Expertise

At Mister Sparky, we’re your expert and experienced local electrician, ready to provide electrical repairs, modifications, and upgrades when and where you need them in the area. Be safe — call us at 843-375-6999 and let us untangle your electrical wiring problems.