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You can save money on your energy bill and prevent electrical disasters by paying attention to the signs of electrical system decay and malfunction. Your electrical system may malfunction for a number of reasons, if it does, contact a professional electrical contractor for immediate repair. Neglecting electrical faults could result in an electrical fire, injury, or property damage. To prevent these electrical system disasters from taking place, contact an electrician once you notice the signs of malfunction in your electrical system. If you notice any of the following electrical system problems and live in the area, contact Mister Sparky of Florence, for fast and urgent electrical repair service.

Signs Your Electrical System Is in Need of Repair

Electricity is powerful and it generates extreme heat. Electrical systems were designed to contain and direct electrical energies to power appliances and devices. Electrical systems need to be well maintained and tended to in order to keep these systems in place and safe for everyday use. Electrical systems material and components can sometimes become worn down, old, or simply bent out of shape. When they do, your electrical system may give off clear signs of an electrical system malfunction, in which case, you should act quickly. Contact your local licensed electrical contractor for urgent electrical service.

Constant Electrical Circuit Breaker Activation

If your electrical circuit breaker is constantly being activated, this could be a clear sign your electrical system is in need of serious repair. Your circuit breakers can be found in your electrical panel. Every property owner should know where this is and how to use this in case of an emergency. The electrical panel can usually be found in garages, basements, and sometimes the attic. The electrical panel is where the electricity generated by your electrical company enters your home. The circuit breakers are placed inside of the electrical panel in order to prevent circuit overloads and electrical surges from getting out of hand. The circuit breakers are designed to trip if it detects an influx of electrical volts in any given circuit. The circuit breakers can also be tripped automatically.

A tripping electrical circuit isn’t a bad thing. If your electrical breaker is tripping, this means it is doing what it was designed to do, and that is to keep you and your property safe. If your electrical breaker trips every once in a while, there may be no reason to raise an alarm. However, if this happens often, you may need to have a professional electrical contractor inspect your system. Constant electrical surges are a sign of a serious fault or malfunction in the system. The cause could be improper installation, old or worn-out wires, or a number of other errors that can occur in electrical systems. To prevent these electrical surges from getting out of control and find the cause of the malfunction, contact a professional electrician for urgent repair and maintenance. If you live in or around the Florence, SC, area, contact Mister Sparky of Florence, for prompt and reliable electrical repair and maintenance services.

Burning Electrical Outlets and Light Switches

Burning is an indication that something is either on fire or very hot. Burning is never a good sign and should be addressed immediately. If you notice burn marks or a burning smell around your outlets, contact an emergency electrical contractor as soon as possible. This is a serious issue that cannot go unaddressed. There are many malfunctions that can cause this issue, however, if it were allowed to persist, it could very well lead to a fire or electrical shock.

Your outlets may be burning for a number of reasons. The main reason outlets appear to be burning is an ungrounded outlet. Other reasons include electrical surges or using appliances that require too much wattage for that particular circuit. Whatever the case may be, it’s best to allow a professional to assess the issue and make an accurate determination as to what the actual cause is. Finding the underlying cause of this issue will prevent it from worsening and damaging your property.

If you notice burning in or around your outlets, refrain from using it until a professional electrical contractor has had the chance to repair it. If you live in or around the area, contact Mister Sparky of Florence for all of your electrical repair and maintenance needs.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may not seem like a huge issue. Most of the time, a flickering light isn’t such a big deal, however, it can be an indication that something is seriously off inside of your electrical system. You can tell the difference between a harmless flicker and a non-harmless one, by the length of the flickering and how frequently it happens. If your lights do flicker for any reason, you should have them inspected by your local electrical contractor just in case.

Lights that flicker for a few seconds as you turn them on may not be a huge issue. This is common in older electrical systems and homes. Although this type of light flickering is not caused for alarm, this is an indication that your electrical system and wiring are in need of updating. You should have your local electrical contractor update your system before it becomes too worn out.

If your lights flicker randomly or when you turn on other appliances, this is an indication of a serious imbalance within your electrical system. If your lights flicker randomly or when other appliances are turned on, this could be due to an electrical surge or an inadequacy in the circuit’s wattage allotment. This can all be alleviated with the help of a professional electrical contractor.

Electrical Emergency

In the case of an actual electrical emergency, such as an electrical fire or electrical shock, contact your local emergency personnel right away. Firefighters and medical emergency personnel are the only ones who can help in case of an injury or electrical fire. Contact an emergency electrician if you notice the signs of a possible electrical fire or shock hazard. Hiring an emergency electrician or electrical contractor when you identify the signs will prevent electrical fires and electrical shock hazards from injuring someone or damaging your property.

If you live in or around the Florence, SC, area, contact Mister Sparky of Florence, for all of your electrical service needs.