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In the United States, residential electrical fires lead to about 51,000 fires annually, causing approximately 500 deaths and over 1,400 injuries recorded. In addition to that, property damages relating to the fire accidents amount to about 1.3 billion dollars.

Such statistics get promoted by the presence of electrical defects, including faulty electric panels. An electric panel is among the necessary components of your Florence, SC, home. An electrician can mount the panel in your home’s garage, basement, or laundry room according to your preference.

Also known as a distribution board, an electric panel is a service box that joins your home with the main power line. It ensures electricity is distributed to all the circuits within your home. Distribution boards always have circuit breakers to help prevent power surges. High voltages can lead to buzzing and flickering of lighting fixtures, damage electrical appliances, and even cause electrical fires.

So, it’s necessary to ensure you have a properly working electrical panel. The indicators mentioned below can help you get the know-how to get a professional to replace your defective distribution board.

Your Panel Is Old

An electric panel’s lifespan is approximately between 25 to 40 years, depending on the quality and brand of the unit. Other than the brand, factors such as wear and tear, frequent power surges, and manufacturing defects determine the variance in the shelf life of these electrical fixtures.

Whichever the circumstance, any electrical panel installed over 25 years ago is deemed dangerous and should prompt you to consider replacement services from a skilled electrician. However, if the panel is still in perfect working condition, the specialist should prepare an effective maintenance plan that includes frequent check-ups to ensure its working 100 percent effectively.

Circuit Breakers Frequently Trip

A circuit breaker is an automated electrical device that safeguards an electric circuit from being damaged by overvoltage or a short circuit. In simple words, it interrupts a current flow after a defect is detected from the main supply line or your home’s electrical system. The device also helps to curb overheating issues that can emerge in the circuit.

The circuit breaker is designed to trip while performing its duties. However, frequent tripping by the device implies that your electrical panel could be damaged beyond repair and needs replacement. The reliable service provider you can turn to is a qualified professional in Florence, SC.

Inadequate Electrical Outlets

Over time you may buy a wide range of appliances for use in your home, making your receptacles inadequate. Although getting an extension block could work for you, sometimes it may not be the right choice. Having few receptacles in your home makes the electrical panel allow little electric flow in your home.

It means some heavy power-consuming appliances you buy, including washing machines and dishwashers, may fail to start or run smoothly. You can talk to an electrician to assess your panel, and if it has more room, the specialist can install dedicated circuits and add more sockets to run your appliances.

However, if the distribution board is small, you have no other option than to invest in a larger one. The electrical service can provide insights on which unit size and quality is best for your home and handle the installation on your behalf.

Your Panel Is Fused

Some electrical experts consider fused electrical panels as safe as those that utilize circuit breakers while interrupting abnormal electrical currents. That may not be the case since a fuse-based distribution board is overtaxed because when one fuse blows, you have to get it replaced. It is a different case with panels with circuit breakers because you’ll need to flip to another circuit breaker if one burns out.

To prevent the problem of replacing the blown-out fuses over time, some homeowners in Florence, SC, can look for an electrician to install larger fuses. It could be problematic since the big fuses can supply excess energy via the connected circuits.

It can, in turn, trigger electrical fires. To avoid electrical fire risks and inconveniences related to frequent fuse replacements, you can look for a reliable electrician to replace your fused distribution board with a circuit breaker electrical panel.

Your Electric Panel Is Hot, or You Notice Burnt Smells

One of the main functions of an electrical panel is regulating hot levels within your electrical system. Circuit breakers in the panel get triggered to help protect your home from the possibilities of electrical fires.

When you touch your breaker box’s surface and realize it’s hot or warm, then it means the system could be defective, and in some scenarios, you’ll need to get an electrician to replace the whole unit since it may be completely defective.

In addition to that, your home’s electric panel or wall outlets can release burnt-like odors. Besides implying melted insulation on wires in your electrical system, the problem can stem from defective power outlets and the distribution board. A skilled electrician can help you identify the exact source of the problem, and if it’s the panel, the specialist can recommend a replacement as the most effective solution to the problem.

The Panel Makes Abnormal Sounds

Just like any other appliance or unit within your home, electric panels can also make unusual sounds. Often, such sounds will prompt you to conclude there could be a structural or operational defect in your system. These sounds often become a nuisance, especially if you need total silence while running your errands indoors.

If you hear hissing or buzzing sounds from your panel, there could be a loose connection or a defective wire inside your unit. If you ignore such sounds for long, you may have to look for an electrician to replace all the unit’s wires, and in some cases, the entire breaker box.

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