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Protect Your Electrical Appliances and Equipment with Dedicated Surge Protection!

Modern electronic and electrical systems have become an integral part of business activities today. However, these critical systems are also prone to risks due to numerous occurrences of brief over-voltage. That is the reason why it’s necessary that you acquire lightning surge protection services to help protect the electronic and electrical equipment that you’re dependent on. This way your electronics won’t be affected by a power surge.

Electrical surges may stem from an extensive range of external and internal sources and pose a massive threat to users. These surges don’t just damage equipment, but have the potential to cause fires and harm users in the building. Even though they only last for milliseconds, they’re extremely powerful, and may cause extensive damage to electrical systems. They can:

At Mister Sparky of Florence, we provide a comprehensive surge protection solution to protect vital electronic and electrical systems from damage. The new British and European standards BS EN 62305–4, have placed greater importance on protecting electrical equipment and electrical installations, as well as the building from electrical surges. 

What Are Electrical Surges?

Any high voltage short-term impulse is a surge. Also known as ‘glitches’, ‘spikes’ or ‘transients’, they tend to last only for micro-seconds. The main cause of surges is mainly down to an internal tripping event, like turning lights or a lift motor on and off in an office or a hotel.

When there are high energy inrushes, it creates a surge which goes all around the circuit and can damage electronic equipment that is sensitive. These surges are not only damaging to electrical equipment, but also pose a threat to human life, especially in circumstances where medical equipment is involved and damaged when being used.

For further information regarding surge protection recommendations and designs, please contact our sales office.

Why Do You Need Surge Protection?

Electromagnetic or lightning pulses can damage the internal components of the electrical equipment you have in your home or office. That means everything that is connected to the main, from your phone networks, computer networks, and data systems, may be damaged by a surge.

The potential downtime caused by the failure of electrical components is also another reason why surge protection is in such high demand. The inconvenience of replacing sensitive and valuable equipment, along with dealing with lengthy insurance claims and higher insurance premiums, is one of the main reasons why you should invest in surge protection services.

At Mister Sparky of Florence, we provide dedicated surge protection with rigorous testing of our systems to maintain its integrity.

Our surge protection equipment works in combination with all types of electronic components, which ensures that surges are detected instantly before they can damage your equipment. This is done by diverting the damaging energy safely to earth where it dissipates without causing any harm. Our surge protection services come with:

We are the experts in lightning protection for businesses and homeowners in Florence, South Carolina and can provide you with reliable surge protection services and equipment.

Specialist Surge Protection Delivered

Mister Sparky of Florence offers an extensive range of surge protection products that can protect all of your power supplies and equipment. You can prevent the devastating effects of electrical surges through the proper installation of effective surge protection devices and measures. Here are some of the main benefits you gain from effective surge protection:

Modern microelectronic components are highly sensitive to surges and over-voltages. Most of these systems are networked and rely on each other to operate. Therefore, if one part of the system is damaged due to surges or lightning, the entire system will fail to function. That may lead to extensive losses brought on by lengthy periods of downtime while repairs are being carried.

At Mister Sparky of Florence, we provide you with a wealth of experience in helping you select the right surge protection product that suits your needs. We have nearly a decade worth of experience in the industry, and have surge protection specialists who’ll recommend the right products for you. Contact us today to acquire reliable and effective surge protection for your business.

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