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One of the most pressing questions homeowners have is when to call an emergency electrician. When their home is having problems with its electrical system, they can sometimes put off calling an emergency electrician because they believe the issue can wait until regular business hours. But this is not always true, and while wishful thinking is great when you are waiting for an egg to hatch, it is definitely out of place when your outlets are sparking and you are hoping the problem will go away on its own. The question then becomes “When is it appropriate to call an emergency electrician?” In this article, we will cover some of the most important signs that let you know you should call an emergency electrician. These are signs that can’t wait for regular business hours because they can quickly turn into a situation that could lead to damage to your home. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the time when you should call an emergency electrician.

Your Circuit Breakers Trip Constantly

Circuit breakers that are constantly tripping and a sure sign of an overloaded system. This situation doesn’t only pose a danger to your appliances, which can be damaged from the power surge, but also to your home’s structure. An overloaded system, if not attended promptly by an emergency electrician, could result in wiring that becomes hot, starts melting, and can lead to a widespread fire in your home. While it is normal for a circuit breaker to trip once in a while, when it happens constantly, you should consider it an emergency and get help accordingly.

Your Home’s Outlets Feel Hot

Regardless of whether only one outlet feels hot, or the problem extends to several of them, outlets that feel warm or hot to the touch could lead to major issues, and require the immediate attention of an emergency electrician. The biggest problem is that warm outlets are usually overlooked. After all, you don’t touch the outlet when you connect an appliance, and might not notice something wrong with it. Warm outlets are usually a sign of a major overload of the circuit to which they belong or an issue with your wiring. In any case, they are a sure sign of a potentially dangerous situation that could result in an electrical fire coursing through your home.

Your Lights Flicker When You Turn Something On

Has it ever happened that you are watching television when somebody turns on the microwave oven, and you catch your lights dimming or flickering? If so, you should call an emergency electrical service right now. When lights dim or flicker when you turn another appliance on, they are an indication of an overloaded system that could lead to a fire damaging your home. When this happens, disconnect anything that isn’t essential, such as the refrigerator, and call for emergency help right away.

You Get a Whiff of Something Burning

Unless somebody forgot to turn off the toaster and your bread is burnt to a crisp, there is no reason why your home should smell like something is burning. If you catch the smell coming from your walls or electrical outlets, especially if the smell appears to be burning plastic, you should call for help immediately. Dial 911 and have the fire department search for any signs of an active fire, and then call an emergency electrical professional to inspect your home’s electrical system and determine where the problem started, and make any necessary repairs.

You Hear Unexplained Buzzing Sounds

Unless you are a bee whose bees have moved into the walls of the house, there is no reason for you to be hearing buzzing sounds coming from your wall or outlets. This is one case in which you should call for emergency help from a professional electrician immediately. The buzzing could be directly related to an overloaded system. It could also lead to an electrical fire somewhere along your home’s wiring. So, don’t hesitate to call for help as soon as you can. Don’t wait for regular business hours, and if necessary, get out of your house right away and wait for help to arrive.

There Is Water Damage in Areas of Your Home

If your home has been recently flooded, whether by rainwater, a burst pipe, or any other reason, your electrical system might require emergency attention, especially if water leaked through your electrical fixtures. It is common knowledge that electricity and water do not mix, and when they do, the result could be potentially deadly. With this in mind, if your home has sustained any amount of water damage, your best, and safest bet will be to contact an emergency electrical company before you and your family return to your home. Otherwise, you could be facing the likelihood of a fire, electrical shock, and other injuries from the water leaking into your electrical system. While this is not exactly a pressing situation, having an emergency electrical professional perform an inspection of your home’s entire electrical system, can ensure your family returns to a safe, and hazard-free home. So, grab your phone and make that call before doing anything else. In the end, it is always better to be overly cautious than to find yourself on an unwanted ambulance ride to the hospital with electricity-induced injuries.

Electrical problems are not a game, and should never be put off for later. When you are dealing with any of the electrical issues mentioned in this article, you should get the help of an emergency electrician right away. Don’t wait for them to go away. If anything, waiting will only allow them to get worse. So, before your entire home goes up in flames, you should give Mister Sparky of Florence a call. As the area’s foremost emergency electrician service, you can be sure all of your home’s electrical emergencies will be resolved in no time at all!

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