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Electrical services and repairs are required in all homes at some stage. Whether you need an electrical appliance fixed, electrical faults repaired or general electrical maintenance to keep your home or business safe, professional help is needed. A variety of services are on offer from Mister Sparky including surge protection, outdoor lighting, emergency electrician services, and more. You can always count on an experienced professional for help when you need it the most.

General electrical repair services

All homeowners and businesses need electrical repairs and services. Plug receptacles or points as they are more commonly known can develop faults. Plug faults in one area can cause overloading in others when electrical extension cords are used to compensate for the problem. Faulty light fittings can cause circuit breakers to trip, resulting in inconvenient situations or even power outages from time to time.

Electrical appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, or swimming pool pumps can stop working due to wear and tear or other causes. Mister Sparky provides general electrical repairs and services from an electrician to overcome these problems. Whether your home or business is at risk of general or emergency electrical repair services, Mister Sparky has an experienced team of professionals to come to your aid.

Emergency electrician services on call

Businesses and homeowners are dependent on a regular safe source of electrical power to maintain efficient function. Businesses are specifically reliant on data and cable repairs to operate effectively. Our emergency electricians are on call 24/7 to fix faults to ensure continued operations. Problems with safety switches, switchboards, general or specific faults, fault finding, metering, risk assessments, and other services are available at a moment’s notice. An emergency professional will arrive at your premises within an hour to begin work to find and fix electrical problems.

Other than being able to get to your home or business within an hour, Mister Sparky’s team of professionals are available every day throughout the year. If you live in any of the major areas of Florence, SC, our experts are available to help you with an emergency repair. Further, our customers can make payments with all major debit or credit cards.

Emergency electrical services

Whether faults are due to natural wear and tear, lightning strikes, or other environmental problems, our electrical emergency repair services are available on call. Our focus on customer service means that a qualified electrical specialist will restore power as quickly as possible. Even if your backup generator is not working properly, a certified electrician can fix the fault to get power up and running in emergencies to keep you connected.

Emergency electrical services encompass losing power completely or partially in the home or at the office. Plug points or appliances that produce electrical shocks constitute an emergency together with electrical fires, small or large. Additionally, smoke coming from electrical outlets are signs of extreme danger, which require immediate attention. Moreover, security devices constitute an emergency, together with any electrical fittings that are within reach of children. If in doubt, always call on a professional in Florence, SC for emergency electrical repair situations.

Surge protection

To avoid any emergencies, call on our experts to make risk assessments, and to install surge protection. Surge protectors are preventive measures that protect expensive equipment and appliances from damage due to electrical surges. Electrical surges occur in split seconds due to high voltage spikes in power. Before you know it, you need to replace computers, refrigerators, and other valuable equipment in the home or office.

Moreover, these spikes in power or glitches can create safety risks for people, particularly in medical situations. A risk assessment in the home or business will quickly establish wiring faults and how surge protection can keep your environment and equipment safe. Whether for residential or business purposes, surge protection is recommended for additional safety. Ongoing productivity is one of the greatest benefits of surge protection because this route increases safety by reducing the risk of outages and fires, and the longevity of all equipment that uses electricity.

Outdoor lighting repairs and services

Homeowners in the Florida, SC area can rest assured that Mister Sparky’s team of highly trained, accredited electricians are available for outdoor lighting repairs. Since outdoor lighting forms a critical part of personal security, our professionals in Florida, SC also attend to outdoor lighting faults and installations. Electrical installations and repairs include sensor lights, exterior wall, path, driveway, outdoor post, floodlights, and emergency lighting.

Over and above security and safety lighting, our experienced electricians also install or repair general lighting. Fixes and installations encompass feature lighting to enhance the home’s appearance in or outdoors. Mister Sparky has years of experience with repairs and installations of the deck and pond lighting, pool lights, step lighting, ceiling grid panel lights, and high bay lights. Enhance the quality of your home life and the value of your property with premium lighting solutions from Mister Sparky today. Add to the value of your lifestyle with generator installations and repair services from our responsive team of electrical specialists.

Generator installations and repairs

Mister Sparky’s team of electricians are masters at installing and repairing generators. When homes and businesses have generators installed, productivity, and quality of life improve. Power outages immediately become a thing of the past as families and employees can continue about the daily tasks.

Mister Sparky continues to deliver on premium installations, electrical repairs, and services for generators. Everything from system design and installation is available. Generator relocations and fuel management and polishing form part of our services. System commissioning, upgrades to control panels and systems, maintenance and repairs, load testing, and remote monitoring services are available to keep you in the style to which you are accustomed.

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