What Your Electrician Will Tell You About Baby-Proofing The Electrical Systems In Your Home | Florence, SC

When you bring a new baby home there are a number of different things that you need to do in order to make sure that they are safe. Sure, while the baby is small they’re not going to get into anything. They take several months before they can even move on their own let alone get to the electrical outlets and do anything with them. But as they get older, it becomes more and more important for you to be aware of the electrical system in your home and what you need to do to protect your little one. Here’s some advice from an electrician in Florence, SC.

Use Outlet Covers

There are plenty of different options out there to cover and protect your electrical outlets so your little one can’t get into them. You want to make sure that you’re using them. It doesn’t matter what type you decide to use, as long as you’re using something and you’re using it consistently. If you forget to put the outlet covers back in after using those outlets it’s not going to help you keep your little one safe. Starting early and making sure you’re using those outlet covers long before your little one can get around is going to help with this.

Make sure everyone in your household knows that outlet covers should be used, and make sure that you know how to use them properly. When you have to remove them to plug something in make sure you keep track of where they are so you can immediately replace them after you’re done. This is going to make sure you and your family are safer and keep your little one from getting injured by electricity.

Keep Cords Away

Another important thing that your electrician will tell you is to keep the cords as far away from your little one as possible. There are several reasons for this but the first one is that cords can be a strangulation hazard. You want to make sure that your little one isn’t around any type of cords or strings and electrical cords are part of that. So, when you’re using electrical cords and plugs anywhere make sure that they’re tucked away as much as possible and supervise your small child when they are around those cords.

Next, you want to avoid having cords around small children as much as possible because they may pull or tug on them. When they do they could damage the cord which could cause a shock. Or they might pull the cord out of the outlet, which means they could end up touching that outlet and getting injured. Playing with cords is definitely dangerous and could cause problems if they decide to chew on the cord as well. This could also cause a shock, especially if the cord is still plugged into an outlet when they do it. Or it could be dangerous for someone else if they don’t realize the damage and plug the cord into an outlet later.

Watch Your Appliances

Anything that’s electrical should be kept away from your little one. It’s not just the outlet itself that’s dangerous. The appliances can be dangerous as well. You want to make sure that cords are out of reach because they can be used to pull down appliances and electrical items. But you also want to make sure the item itself isn’t within reach. If your child grabs it or knocks it down they could be injured. This is especially true if the item is plugged in and they manage to turn it on.

Electrical appliances can be extremely dangerous for children. These can include things like can openers, blenders, mixers, and a whole lot more. You want to keep them away from your children to keep them safe. Wait until your children are old enough to use these things safely and then make sure you teach them how to do it. This should happen once they’re old enough to safely use the item and will help them to learn how to do things for themselves. Even if you don’t intend to have your child use certain appliances themselves, teaching them the safe way will help keep them safe in the home.

Work with Your Child

From the time your child is little you need to be aware of the electrical problems that could be present in your home. You need to think about protecting them from any electrical hazards long before they can even get close to those electrical outlets and appliances. Then, as they get older, you need to start thinking about how you can protect them from electrical services when they’re interested in them. An electrician would tell you to start young with childproofing and teaching your children about electricity and electrical safety.

The more you tell them and explain to them, and the more they are aware of the dangers and the benefits of electricity the safer they’re going to be. You will definitely be happy with the way they learn to respect electricity. And if you have any questions or concerns you can talk with an electrician about them to make sure you’re taking care of things in the best way possible. Working with a professional electrician is definitely going to make your house safer and keep your little ones safer too.

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