When Do You Need Emergency Electrical Service in Florence, SC?

Photo By Miriam Doerr Martin Frommherz at Shutterstock

Electrical emergencies are serious. They not only put the property in danger but also put the lives of the inhabitants at risk. If electrical emergencies are not taken take care of promptly, they may end up burning your place down, or you may end up suffering the loss of a dear family member.

You should call an emergency electrical service in Florence, SC as soon as you detect an electrical malfunction or disturbance in Florence, SC. Electricity is not something you should take a risk with. You shouldn’t wait for an accident to happen. Your priority should always be the prevention of an accident. Therefore, if you notice even the slightest disturbance in the electrical supply or an electrical appliance, your first course of action should be to call for an emergency electrical service.

There are certain situations when calling for emergency electrical service in Florence, SC becomes necessary. You should never try to fix electrical faults yourself. Professional service providers have specialized training, equipment, and outfits that keep them safe and that is why they are the best people for the job. You should always call a professional when you detect any electrical faults in your home.

1.  Faltered Circuit Breaker

When the electrical circuit of your home gets overloaded, it often trips. This happens when too many electrical appliances are being operated at once, which applies an excessive load on the circuit. In order to prevent any serious electrical incidents, the circuit breakers trip, and that cuts the power supply to a part of your home, or to the entire home.

Most of the people are aware of how to reset a circuit that has tripped. However, if you are not sure how to do so, do not try to do it yourself. Call an emergency electrical service in Florence, SC immediately to restore the power supply.

2.  Sudden Blackout

A complete loss of power is a highly stressful situation. In case there is a sudden blackout, check with others in the neighborhood if they have experienced the same. If not, it is an indication of an electrical fault in your property. Blackouts are a rare occurrence, but when they do happen, you should call an emergency electrical service in Florence, SC to get the electrical supply of your property checked. In such a situation, you should ensure that your property is not at risk of an electricity-related accident.

An emergency electrical service Florence, SC will not only restore the electricity but will also check the property thoroughly to make sure there are no safety hazards, such as loose or frayed wiring, faulty sockets, etc.

3.  Flickering Lights

The frequent flickering of the lights in your home indicates a minor fault in the electrical system of your home. It can be quite irritating and frustrating. When the lights turn on and off frequently on their own, you should call an emergency electrical service in Florence, SC to fix whatever the issue is that is lurking.

The thing with electrical faults is that they can turn into major accidents unexpectedly and therefore, one should never take the risk of overlooking even the smallest electrical fault.

4.  Fallen Power Lines

After a storm, you may see fallen power lines in your backyard or the front yard. These wires supply electricity from the electric grid station to your home. They are high tension wires that carry massive levels of current. You should never try to move these wires yourself. If there is even a single fallen power line within the area of your property, call an emergency electrical service in Florence, SC. A professional team of electricians will be dressed and equipped with appropriate gear that is required to move these wires safely.

5.  Noises from the Breaker Box

A breaker box is not supposed to make any noise. But if you hear constant buzzing, humming or crackling sounds from the breaker box, it indicates that there is a problem with a breaker box. You should immediately call an emergency electrical service in Florence, SC if you start to hear weird noises coming from this box.

The breaker box contains a circuit breaker that trips if the breaker box is overloaded or hits an obstacle. If the circuit breaker fails to trip, there is a risk of fire and electrical shock. Tripping of the circuit breaker is a safety response in case the breaker box is under some sort of tension, and if the safety response fails, a serious fire risk prevails.

6.  Burnt Outlets

If you observe brown-colored spotting around your electrical outlets, you should be alarmed. This indicates that the outlets are overloaded and that they can catch fire at any moment. Do not touch the burnt outlets or use them. Check all other outlets for similar signs. The outlets that show the signs of fire damage should not be disturbed and an emergency electrical service in Florence, SC should be called immediately.

7.  Burning Smell

If you ever notice a burning smell from any part of the electrical system, you should give an emergency electrical service in Florence, SC a call without wasting a minute. The smell of burning shows that the damage is beyond home repair and only a professional can take things up from that point onwards.

If you can pinpoint the source of the smell, giving this information to the professional electrician can make a job lot less easy for them. However, if you can’t find the source of the smell, the professionals can take care of it completely.

There is always a risk of fire with electricity. If minor faults are not addressed timely, major accidents like fires, short circuits, etc. can occur. Electrical accidents will always impart loss of property and in many cases, of life. It is recommended seeking professional services in case you suspect an electrical fault because safety comes above everything.

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