When Should I Call An Electrician And Why? | Florence, SC

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Your electrical system is a complex connection of different wires, cables, electrical panels, and more. It’s important when you need a professional to service your home. Contacting an electrician when it’s necessary can help you prevent electrical system malfunction disasters. Electrical malfunctions are common and if they are left unchecked for too long it can lead to catastrophic damage. If you live in or around the Florence, SC, area, you should contact Mister Sparky for all of your electrical service needs.

Electrical system malfunctions are bound to happen; however, your electrical system should have safety measures in place that will prevent those malfunctions from becoming a disaster. However, sometimes a simple malfunction can turn into something very dangerous if it is not repaired right away. By taking note of electrical system mishaps and reporting them to a trusted and professional, you can avoid the following dangerous situations.

Why is Calling an Electrician so Important for Electrical System Malfunctions

Electrocution and electrical fires are real fears when they come to our electrical systems. These mistakes can happen at any time and to anyone. If you can recognize the signs of these possible events you can prevent them from ever happening. Paying attention to your electrical system efficiency and faults will also help you maintain and extend the lifespan of your electrical system for a long to come. This is because your electrical system can easily become damaged if the wires and safety measures are not working as they were intended to.

Electrical systems require maintenance and repair. Preventive electrical system maintenance will help you avoid many common electrical system malfunctions, as well as keep you and your property safe. If you are in need of an electrician and live in the area, contact Mister Sparky for assistance.

Common Electrical System Malfunctions That Require the Assistance of an Professional


If you have gotten shocked by something in your electrical system, you have a serious problem on your hands, you should contact an emergency electrician after you have medically cared for that shock. A serious electrical shock could cause serious damage to your physical health and even death in cases where the electrical current is too great. You should contact an emergency electrician right away to avoid anyone else from getting shocked as well. You can be sued or injured yourself if you decide to wait and it happens again.

To avoid being electrocuted by your electrical system, it’s important to have an electrical contracting company you can trust to inspect and repair it at least once a year. Electrical shock can occur when wires and safety precautions are malfunctioning within your electrical system. With an annual electrical system inspection and maintenance call, you can avoid electrical shock from occurring altogether. In the cases where electrical shock is still a possibility, paying attention to the following signs can prevent this from happening. If you smell of burning emanating from your outlets or light switches, do not use it, call an electrician. If any of your appliances spark when you plug them in, do not use them and call a professional. If you notice any of your electrical systems or appliances are malfunctions, refrain from using them and call an emergency electrician.

Electrical Surges

Electrical surging can happen for a variety of reasons. Electrical surging may even be the cause of your electrical shock. Electrical surges may occur due to incorrect wiring, old or faulty appliances, or an outdated electrical system. An electrical surge is a sudden increase in electrical current. This is a huge issue because your electrical system is only equipped to handle a certain amount of electrical power at a time. If at any point the electrical current becomes too great for a specific channel your electrical panel should break that connection immediately. This will prevent the surge from sparking, starting a fire, or shocking you. However, in cases that this does not happen, you may face consequences of extreme electrical shock, electrical fires, or electrical system damage. If your home experiences frequent surges, it could be an indication of a serious underlying electrical failure. Do not hesitate to contact a professional right away. That decision may help you save your property and your life.

Flickering Lights

Many homes have to deal with the issue of flickering lights. Most people don’t see it as a huge issue, so it goes left unchecked until it becomes a major issue. Flickering lights should never be ignored because it is almost always the result of an underlying electrical system issue. If you notice your lights are flickering often, you should contact a professional right away. If you live in the Florence, SC, area, you should contact your trusted and local electrical professionals at Mister Sparky.

Flickering lights may be an indication that your system is old and outdated. An old and outdated system is not usually considered an emergency repair; however, it can quickly turn into one if it stays outdated for too long. Having an old or outdated electrical system can also give you problems with the resale of your property and homeowners insurance. Most homeowner insurance companies will refuse to insure a home with outdated electrical systems because of the hazard it presents. New home buyers may opt-out of buying your home if your electrical systems are outdated due to insurance issues and safety hazards.

Another common cause of flickering lights is an overloaded circuit. If your lights flicker when you first turn them on, then an overloaded circuit may not be the case. If your lights flicker when you turn other appliances on, then you may have an overloaded circuit. This simply means the channel that is meant to connect electrical energy to your appliances cannot handle the electrical load needed to power all of these devices at once. This will cause a circuit to become overloaded. An overloaded circuit should simply cut off the power via an automated safety response from your electrical panel to your circuit. If it does not, this could present a serious safety hazard and should be handled by a professional emergency electrician right away.

If your electrical system is in need of repair or emergency services, contact a professional emergency electrician. If you live in the area, contact Mister Sparky of Florence for assistance.