When Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical System, Trust An Electrician Near Me In | Florence, SC

At Mister Sparky of Florence, we’re the electrician near me in town that you can rely on for everything from emergency care to updating your Florence, SC, home’s wiring. We know local homes, from the city’s incorporation the day before Christmas in 1890, up to new construction all over town. Our skilled electricians are prepared to work with whatever your home’s current wiring is. Whether it’s old knobs and tubes, aluminum wiring, two-wire without modern grounding, cloth-covered wires and push-in outlet wiring, or other interesting but not quite right electrical features, we’ll help you. As your electrician near me in our beautiful city or nearby, we know what to look for in your home’s walls, saving time and catching issues others might miss. Our local knowledge as the electrician near me in this century-old city is also valuable if you call us for emergency electrician service.

Adding Features to Your Home without Rewiring

In the wiring for older homes, not everything may be what it seems. In particular, some homes have what appear to be grounded outlets, that aren’t quite what we 21st century electricians consider grounded and safe. In the worst case, they’re just connected without the ground, and installed so they look right and take a three-prong plug. Anyone who assumes the device plugged in is grounded could be making a fatal mistake. Other issues include connecting the ground to the metal box containing the outlet, assuming that it is grounded via the conduit. It may not be. Our electricians can make proper upgrades to specific circuits, and make sure you have the right protection before your wiring is upgraded. We can also test your outlets quickly to determine if they’re really providing the protection they seem to be.

Bringing Your Traditional Wiring Up to Modern Code

As your electrician near me in this old city, we’ve rewired plenty of homes, especially when new families move in and want to be safe and feel secure. Our motto is “Get it Done Right, Get it Done Safely,” and bringing a beautiful old South Carolina home up to date electrically is a wonderful thing to do. Whole-house rewiring is a well-defined process, so we just plan it, set it up to do the job, and make it happen with as little disruption as possible. When we’re done, it’s like you’re in a new home electrically, but with a style that you just can’t find another way.

The Value of a Modern Electrical System in Your Home

Home buyers, real estate professionals, and insurance companies recognize the value of updated electrical wiring and service in older homes, so it can be a good investment. It’s certainly an investment in your safety, which is priceless in itself. In addition to updating the wiring, you’ll want to make sure your incoming power capacity is sufficient, and you have a modern circuit breaker box. We can help you organize the whole process, or go step-by-step. We offer discounts on major services and for certain customers such as seniors from time to time, so ask what’s currently available.

Shared Circuits and Other Basic Issues

As your electrician near me in and out of old homes, one thing we keep encountering is a very limited number of circuits, from the days when not much power was needed. Even old hair dryers didn’t use as much as today’s blow dryers that pull enough for a whole circuit by themselves. The same with microwaves and heaters. When a couple of bedrooms or a bedroom and a bathroom share a 20 amp circuit, it’s easy to miscalculate and have one person or the other running down to reset the breaker. That’s a basic issue that we can rewire and add a circuit to your breaker panel, then each bedroom is self-contained and occupants manage their own use. There’s nothing like having one of your children on the computer when the other trips the breaker! You don’t want to see that. Running individual grounds for circuits at the same time makes sense, providing protection in your Florence, SC, home as we go. For an older home, the total power available is still pretty limited, which keeps circuit addition limited as well.

HVAC Systems, EV Charging, and Other High-Power Applications

Some older homes have 100 amp service from the power company, while others have as little as 60 amps. There’s not much you can do with those numbers besides lighting and maybe an electric stove, and a few simple items plugged in. A modern central AC system or EV charging station would pull at least half of the power in the most limited case. When we rewire a home, updating the service from the power company is essential if it’s needed. As the electrician near me in charge of your upgrade, we can work with permits and approvals to make it easier. We can also run special circuits where you plan to use power for dryers, stoves, workshop tools, and HVAC equipment. EV charging too, if you like.

With Modern Circuit Breaker Protection Comes Other Protective Devices

As the electrician near me in our storm-prone area, we know that protection against power surges, lightning, and power failures is important to many families. If you have a home office, even more so. In your circuit breaker box, we can install whole-house protection against surges and lightning. AFCI and GFCI breakers protect against shock and arc-ignited fire risks. Generators are pretty common these days, your Florence, SC, neighbors may even have them and you haven’t noticed. They connect automatically, so you’re always covered with reliable power.

Your Local Electrician Near Me in Florence County

Serving your friends and neighbors, Mister Sparky of Florence is the electrician near me in town you can count on, getting our work done right, and done safely for you. Call today and talk with us about your electrical service needs!

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