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Get Dedicated Electrical Subpanel Installation and Replacement in Florence

The main circuit breaker box is the heart of the electrical system in a home, which is the point from where power enters your home from the meter, and from where all power is distributed to different circuits in the house. Every house has a main electrical service panel and a subpanel, which is a small electrical panel that distributes energy to a separate part or area of the house.

For instance, if you’re building an addition for your business or home, your electrical needs are going to increase. To meet those requirements, you’ll need to install an electrical subpanel so that extra appliances in your home get adequate power. You should always contact professional electricians for installing new electrical subpanels in your home and business.

Mister Sparky of Florence has got a formidable track record of installing numerous subpanels for homeowners and businesses in Florence. We have experienced, licensed, and professional electricians, who are experts in the inspection, replacement, and installation of electrical subpanels in commercial and residential buildings.

Electrical Subpanel Replacement in Florence

If the lights and appliances in your home or business space are flickering, and your circuit breaker is tripping repeatedly, you need to get a new electrical subpanel installed. There could be two reasons why you should consider an electrical subpanel installation:

  1. The infrastructure and wires of the panel have been damaged
  2. There isn’t enough power coming from the utility

The experienced electricians of Mister Sparky of Florence will assess the situation and then find a solution that will resolve the electrical issues in your home. Get in touch with us if you notice any of the following signs in your home or business space:

If you live in an old home and haven’t upgraded your electrical panels, you need to contact us immediately to get a new electrical panel installed.

High-Quality Electrical Subpanels

Electrical subpanels become a necessity if you want additional electricity brought to a certain part of your home, like an outbuilding, a new room addition, or the garage. These subpanels will help extend the electrical feed to that area and help power lighting and outlets. At Mister Sparky of Florence, we guarantee quality, efficiency, and peace of mind when you call our electricians for electrical subpanel installations. It doesn’t matter if you need an outdoor subpanel, or simply want more power for certain parts of your property; we are equipped to provide you with every solution.

We are the leading electrical contractors in Florence and the first choice for business owners and homeowners in Florence, when it comes to electrical subpanel installations. We only carry the highest quality of electrical subpanels and guarantee superior levels of customer satisfaction. We have built our reputation in the industry by offering our customers with:

If you’ve got scorched panels, faulty wiring, or tripping circuit breakers, don’t hesitate to contact the professional electricians at Mister Sparky of Florence.

Should You Get an Electrical Subpanel Installed?

There are several advantages of getting an electrical subpanel installed in your home or property, as it improves the electrical supply to different appliances in your home. Old electrical panels don’t have extra slots for new circuits. If you’ve added a new addition to your home or have recently bought modern appliances, you’ll need an electrical subpanel installation. In some ways, it is a better solution than getting your main electrical panel replaced with a larger one.

If you’re considering making major renovations or a new remodeling project on your property, like a new bedroom, office, or a kitchen, an electrical subpanel should be a no-brainer. They not only ensure that your electrical panels are up to code but also ensure that your appliances get adequate power. It’s best that you only consider professional electricians for installing new electrical subpanels on your property, since a poorly installed subpanel will suffer from problems in the future.

Therefore, get in touch with Mister Sparky of Florence for dedicated and high-quality electrical subpanel installations, repair, and replacements in Florence, South Carolina.

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