10 Everyday Electrical Problems You Might Face | Electrical Contractors in Florence, SC

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You might think of yourself as an expert when it comes to fixing things around the house. But it won’t be a good idea to get engaged with anything that involves wires and electricity. Without any knowledge and experience, it could be extremely dangerous to deal with. We’re sure you’d easily find plenty of options for electrical contractor in Florence, SC.

Whether it’s a wiring or lighting issue, there are professional electrical contractorsin Florence, SC. However, there’s no harm in knowing the common problems you can face and their solutions.


The short-lived burst of energy is called transients, usually known as surges. It occurs momentarily, as a result of high-voltage derangement in the electric flow. Electronic devices that are operational at that time might get damaged.

You’ve got nothing to be concerned about if the surges aren’t regular. But in case they’re reoccurring, we advise you to contact a professional and get the connections checked.

Current Leakage

You must prevent current leakages from happening, if you want to keep everyone at home safe from getting electrocuted. An RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) or RCD (Residual Current Device) is specially designed for this purpose. It can detect and prevent low voltage circuit when the current flow is irregular. It automatically breaks the circuit in case a leak is detected, preventing electric shocks.

You can get the device installed at your place with the help of electrical contractors in Florence, SC.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

A tripping circuit is an indication that there might be a problem in the flow of current. Usually, you can fix this on your own. Just find the switch on the main electrical panel that’s tripped and turn it back on. But if you have to deal with this issue more often, you can let a professional electrical contractor in Florence, SCintervene.

Burning Light Bulbs

In case you’re thinking that you’ve gotten hold of all the defected light bulbs in Florence, SC, think again. Frequently burning bulbs can be the result of various reasons. It’s either because the bulb is tightly fixed; poor air circulation, high voltage or something else.

Take a quick look at the holder to see if its loosely-fitted or worn out. If you’re unable to figure out the problem on your own and the problem continues, you know that electrical contractor in Florence, SC, is just one call away. So save those precious light bulbs.

Wires on the Loose

Hanging live wires bring along the risk of a fire. You could potentially have loose wires even if you live in a new house. Excess wires or disorganized wiring might result in wires hanging out from outlets. For a quick fix, you can fasten them with tape to avoid dangerous situations. But with time the tapes can lose their adhesiveness and peel off.

The socket can be combustible so it’s not wise to rely on temporary protection of tapes. To prevent fire sparks, you should hire emergency electrical contractor in Florence, SC, and get the sockets rewired ensuring they’re secured firmly.

Backstabbing Wires

The wires which expose their inner live wires due to openings or slits on them are called backstabbed wires. These wires may result in electric shocks when in direct contact with them.

You can temporarily fix it by turning off the power supply and firmly taping the exposed part of the wire. As you know this won’t last for a long time. Before the tapes comes off and becomes hazardous again, you should replace it with a new wire.

Prevent Electric Shocks

In case you’ve little kids at home who love to sneak around and poke their fingers in the sockets you should consider getting a GFCI. The ground fault circuit interrupter is a device that keeps you safe from getting electrocuted. It shuts off the power instantly in case of human contact with electricity is detected.

We suggest that any place in Florence, SC that operates entirely with electricity should have it installed to ensure the safety of the people living or working there.

Ungrounded Connections

Outlets that don’t have a grounding system as an additional defense mechanism are called ungrounded outlets. In case there’s an issue with the wiring, grounding offers an alternate path to the excess electricity. If there’s no grounding pathway present, the excess electricity will flow through any other material that’s available.

You’d often find that electrical devices normally include a grounding pin on their plugs. If the appliance ever breaks down, the users remain protected from getting an electric shock. Without the grounding pin, the device and the users are at open risk.

The safest option is to get grounding connection and wiring installed by electrical contractors in Florence, SC. As each outlet would have a grounded connection, it will make the building safe and secure.

Uneven Lightening

If you find that some of the lights are either too bright or too dim, it could be the result of any of the two problems. Either the bulbs use different wattage of power or the main electrical panel is experiencing technical issues.

You should first check if the bulbs you’re using consume the same wattage. But if the lighting still seems not quite right, then you should get is repaired by an expert.

Faulty Switches

If the switches or dimmer at your place don’t seem to be working properly, it might be because the switch has turned ineffective. It could also result from circuit faults, improper wiring or simply because the switch has worn out with time.

Contact an electrical contractor in Florence, SC to figure out the possible reason. To avoid further difficulty, get the dysfunctional switch substituted with a new one.


Electrical problems can be fatal, so we advise you to get the system at your place checked. You can easily miss faults therefore getting professional help from an electrical contractor in Florence, SC should be your way forward. Contact the electrical experts at Mister Sparky today.