5 Signs You Need Electrical Help From An Emergency Electrician | Florence, SC

There are a lot of situations that people hope they won’t find themselves in; one of these situations includes having problems with your electrical system. You are highly dependent on the electricity within your home, but it is a very dangerous system that can hurt you if something goes awry and you do not immediately correct the problem. That is why it is very important to know when you need an emergency electrician in Florence, SC, and when you can wait until the morning. Making the wrong decision can leave your family at risk and create a host of best-avoided situations.

Unlike other home systems within your Florence, SC home, you should never deal with electrical issues alone. The problem with electrical issues is that they carry a high risk of electrocution along with fire hazards, smoke hazards, and overall health risks. Therefore, anytime you have a problem or think you need a new electrical outlet installed, you should call an electrician for help. A lot of these situations are basic situations that can wait and be scheduled at any proper time.

On the other hand, an emergency situation with your electrical system should not wait. This might mean that you notice the smell of burnt electrical wires near your electrical outlet or that your lights are starting to flicker, and you’re worried that your circuit box is overloaded. In both of these situations, the only option is to call an emergency electrician who can come out and quickly get to the bottom of the matter before you end up with an electrical emergency that compromises the safety of you or your home.

Not sure what the situation might be? The following guide takes a closer look at what actually constitutes an electrical emergency so that you know if you need to call an electrician to come out to your home now. Keep in mind that this is only a guide and does not cover every single scenario in which you may experience electrical problems. If you notice issues that are not on this list and they still make you uncomfortable, your best choice is to go ahead and call an emergency electrician to check the issue out. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Circuit Breakers Repeatedly Trip

One sign that it may be time to call an emergency electrician is if you notice that your circuit breaker keeps tripping repeatedly. Every once in a while there can be a circuit in your home that gets overloaded, causing the circuit breaker to trip. This is exactly what it is designed to do so that there’s not an electrical surge the system cannot handle; however, if this is happening regularly (which would be considered more than once a week to the same circuit) it’s time to call for help.

This can often indicate that your electrical system is no longer able to handle the amount of electricity that you are demanding too. Usually, this occurs if you have a major appliance hooked up to the same circuit as many other electronics within your home. However, other isolated situations may occur. If you do not call an emergency electrician to take a look, you could possibly have an electrical short. This could also happen if there is an electrical wire that is misfiring or damaged, so it is always best to look immediately into this type of situation.

Flickering Lights

A sign that your electrical system might be overburdened is if you notice that the lights are flickering within your home. Lights flickering indicate that your electrical system is having difficulty producing a steady stream of electricity to every area of your house. The reduced electrical stream means that the lights are unable to stay lit. Usually, this occurs when a major appliance is cycling at the time of major electricity use. Many people report noticing that their lights flicker when their HVAC system cycles or they turn on their stove. In either case, you need to take quick action to rectify the situation because if you do not, you may suffer a much worse electrical issue. An electrician can usually get to the bottom of the situation, which is why you should find one in South Carolina if you are experiencing any of these issues.

You Smell Electrical Burning Scents

Electrical burning has its own distinct smell, and there’s never a good time to smell it within your home. Most people describe it as a burning rubber smell, but sometimes it resembles more of a smoky odor. In either case, you want to make sure that you call an emergency electrician whenever you identify this odor within your home. It indicates that you have a potential issue that needs to be addressed immediately. If left unattended, it could result in an electrical fire and a great deal of damage.

Buzzing Noises Near Outlets

Another thing that you should never notice occurring in your house is a buzzing noise near any electrical socket, outlet, or fixture. If you notice there are buzzing noises near your outlets this indicates that something has gone wrong with the electrical wiring behind them, and you need to have an emergency electrician come out to take an immediate look. It can be a sign of a frying wire or of a power surge that is causing the electricity to continue to hit an outlet that is not in use. This is a potential electrocution issue as well as a potential fire hazard, so you need to call an emergency electrician right away.

Outlets or Fixtures Are Hot to the Touch

A buzzing noise is not the only problem that you might be experiencing close to an outlet. There is a problem with the light fixtures or outlets in your home if you notice that they are hot to the touch. A hot plate probably has electricity flowing somewhere through it and requires an immediate call to the emergency electrician. If you can’t, it is a smart idea to cut the power to that area of your Florence, SC home until it can be looked at. If you recognize one of these situations, then you need to call Mister Sparky of Florence to get help now. We are standing by to take your call around the clock.

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