Backup Generator Installation And The Relevant Electrical Services | Florence, SC

Thunderstorms can be an inconvenience for Florence, SC, residents, but when they become severe, they can knock out power for hours or even days. Many residents of South Carolina have purchased portable generators that they can use to power one or two appliances such as their refrigerators. However, if your home’s power is knocked out for a longer period of time, you may need more electricity than what a basic power generator can supply. That’s why some customers are contacting Mister Sparky of Florence, for our electrical services and help with whole-home backup generator installation. With a robust generator, you can supply your home with the electricity you need to live and work from home even when the local grid remains down for days.

Why Should You Install a Backup Generator?

There are various reasons why you should contact our electrical services company for backup generator installation. Here are just a few reasons to consider:

Keep Food Safe

During the warm season, your refrigerated foods won’t last long if your power goes out. If you have a food supply in your refrigerator and deep freezer, it may no longer be safe to consume after several hours without electricity. Not only will that leave you without food for your household, it will leave you with considerable expense to replace what was lost once power is restored.

Our electrical services company can help you select the ideal backup generator for your Florence, SC, home. Keeping your food safe is a top priority. A whole-home generator keeps your refrigerator and freezer powered up during local power outages. However, it’s important to let a trained electrician examine your home’s electrical capacity and install the generator for safe operation.

Climate Control

The weather may be stormy, extremely hot, or extremely cold, but when you have a backup generator, you can maintain your home’s interior comfort. During powerful summer storms, it may not be possible to open your home’s windows. That can leave the interior stifling. If the power goes out during the winter, you’ll need heat to maintain your home’s comfort. Mister Sparky of Florence, can install a generator to ensure that you can operate your HVAC system during power outages. Our electrical services technicians are certified and highly trained. If the power is out for days, you’ll be glad our electricians installed your backup power generator so that you can maintain the comfort of your home.

Power Your Home Office

Today, many people work from home, but if your power goes out, you could be in a jam. Let our electrical services company help you create a backup plan for working in your home office even when the power is out. With a quality backup generator that’s professionally installed by our electrical services pros, you can relax and continue to work from home. Mister Sparky of Florence, offers a wide range of electrical solutions. Generator installation has become increasingly important to our customers, particularly as storms have taken their toll on area power grids. No one wants to be left without power for days–especially when their work depends on their ability to power up.

What About a Portable Generator?

If you’ve picked up a portable generator at your local home improvement center, it may provide enough electricity to run your refrigerator and charge your cell phones. Portable generators might suffice in a pinch, but they need to be refueled more often than a generator that’s attached to your home via your wiring. Plus, they have a small capacity. A whole home generator can run your HVAC system, home office, and kitchen appliances, making it a better investment in the long run. While power outages may only last for hours, South Carolina is no stranger to longer outages. It makes sense to be prepared.

Whole Home Generators: Considerations

If you’re thinking about installing a whole-house generator, you’ll need to rely on the electrical services of an experienced electrical company like ours. We can visit your home to evaluate your electrical system and discuss your backup power needs. You may only be concerned about keeping your refrigerator and HVAC system running. However, some of our customers have medical equipment that requires power. We can take your power needs into consideration and recommend the ideal size generator for your home and needs.

We’ll also need to discuss fuel. Your home’s generator will need a fuel supply in order to power your home’s appliances. Today, property owners with backup generators rely on natural gas, propane gas, diesel, fuel, and gasoline. We can discuss the pros and cons of each and help you choose the ideal backup power generator and fuel for your home.

Investing in an alternate power source for your home is a big decision. That’s why it makes sense to consult with our electricians. Mister Sparky of Florence’s team of electrical services pros can help you find a backup power generator that is ideal for your home and budget.

Emergency and General Electrician Services

While power outages are definitely a nuisance, sometimes it’s the property owner’s responsibility to contend with a power issue on their property. For instance, if a large tree limb falls and knows the electrical box off your home, it’s usually your responsibility to reconnect it. That’s why our company features emergency electrician service. Whether you have a breaker that keeps tripping or another type of electrical emergency, you can rely on us for service.

If you are searching for an experienced electrical services company in or near Florence, SC, be sure to call Mister Sparky of Florence. We offer a wide range of electrical solutions. We’re on call 24/7 and always prepared to stand by the quality of our workmanship. Contact us to learn more about our electrical repair and installation services.

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