Does Your Electrical Problem Require A Call To An Emergency Electrician? | Florence, SC

Your home’s electrical system is essential to your daily life, and all electrical problems may seem like an emergency, but minor issues can wait until an electrician can get to your house. However, serious electrical problems can be deadly, so it’s crucial that you can identify issues that must be addressed immediately.

If any of the following electrical problems develop, you should immediately call an emergency electrician in Florence, SC.

#1 Power Outage

Power outages are common during severe weather or a faulty local transformer. If the power goes out in your home, check with the electric company to find out if there’s an outage. If they tell you that there isn’t an outage, the problem is with your electrical system, and it’s best to hire an emergency electrician immediately to restore the power.

Frayed or weak wires are the most common causes of a power outage and are serious fire hazards. When the wires spark, they will start an electrical fire, damaging your house within minutes.

The electrician will inspect the wiring to locate the ones that caused the power outage and make the necessary repairs to restore the power and ensure your home and family are safe.

#2 Noise in the Breaker Box

Your breaker box is protected by a circuit breaker, designed to trip a circuit if it gets overloaded or the electrical current hits an obstacle. If this protective feature isn’t working correctly, the circuits will burn, causing a buzzing, humming, or crackling sound.

If the breaker box is overloaded and the circuits don’t trip, it creates a shock and fire hazard, so it’s best to hire an emergency electrician in Florence, SC immediately.

The electrician will inspect the breaker box to determine why the circuit breaker isn’t working and make the necessary repair before a disaster occurs.

#3 Burnt Outlet

If you notice brown stains on an outlet in your house, it’s likely a burn mark, which is a serious problem and indicates that the outlet is overloaded and can catch fire anytime. You should avoid touching the outlet and don’t plug anything in. If there’s already something plugged into the outlet, unplug it immediately, check the outlets in the rest of the house for burn marks, and call an emergency plumber in Florence, SC.

There’s more to this repair than changing the outlet plate, and the electrician will fix the wiring, ensuring it’s safe to use the outlet.

#4 A Burning Smell in Your House

Your electrical system should never emit a burning smell, and if it smells like it’s on fire, you must call an emergency electrician immediately. The smell indicates an electrical problem that can start an electrical fire that can destroy your house in minutes while putting your family’s lives in danger. If you can tell where the smell is coming from, you should let the emergency electrician know when they arrive at your home. They will inspect the electrical system to determine the cause of the smell and fix the problem before something terrible happens.

#5 Flickering Lights

It’s not uncommon for the lights in your house to flicker for a second when you turn on an appliance that consumes a significant amount of electricity. If the lights continue flickering for more than a second, the circuit could be overloaded, and you’ll need to hire an emergency electrician. They can upgrade the breaker box to prevent the circuit from overloading, eliminating the risk of an electrical fire.

If the lights flicker for no apparent reason, your house isn’t haunted, and the flickering indicates a loose connection in the electrical system or a wiring issue. An emergency electrician will inspect the electrical system to determine why the flights flicker and resolve the problem before an electrical fire starts.

#6 Smoke Coming from an Electrical Outlet

You may have heard the saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and that’s precisely what will happen if you see smoke coming from the outlets and you don’t cut the power to the outlet immediately. Next, call an emergency electrician.

A fire in the electrical system is one of the deadliest electrical emergencies. An electrician can find the problem quickly and fix it before something terrible happens to your house and family.

#7 Sparks

It’s not uncommon to see a blue spark if you plug or unplug an appliance or device when it’s on, and blue sparks are harmless. However, if yellow or white sparks are coming from an outlet, it’s an electrical emergency, requiring an immediate call to an electrician.

Several problems can cause yellow or white sparks, including:

  • A short circuit
  • Worn-out electrical components
  • Overloaded outlets
  • The outlet was installed or repaired incorrectly.
  • Hidden leaks

All of these issues can spark an electrical fire, putting your home and family at risk, and it’s best to call an electrician immediately. They will inspect the electrical system to rule out every possible issue until they find the right one. Making the call immediately is essential to keep your home and family safe.

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