Emergency Electrician: How To Prevent Electrical Fires And Electrocution | Florence, SC

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Electrical systems can be your undoing if it is not properly maintained or repaired. If you are experiencing any type of electrical system malfunction it is important you contact an electrical professional as soon as possible. Electrical malfunctions can cause your power to go out, electric shock, electrocution, property damage, and fires. To avoid electrical system failures from getting out of hand, contact emergency electricity if anything seems off with our electricity. If you live in or around the Florence, SC, area you should contact Mister Sparky for an emergency electrician.

Unfortunately, electrical fires are far too common and very preventable. Electrical fires can be devastating to a property and dangerous to your health and well-being. There are signs you should pay attention to in order to prevent electrical fires. There are also habits you can adopt in order to stop electrical fires before they happen. In the case that an actual electrical fire occurs, you will need to call your local emergency personnel immediately. You should contact an emergency electrician before your electrical system malfunction turns into one.

Habits to Adopt

Turn Off and Unplug

One of the most common causes of electrical fires is portable heaters and other heated appliances left on and unattended. If you are using your oven, your stove, heater, flat iron, or anything else heated with electricity, you must turn it off when you leave. The safest thing to do is to completely unplug those appliances. By turning off and unplugging heated appliances when you leave you don’t have to worry about the appliance catching fire or the items around it. Neglecting heated appliances can cause items around it to catch fire and or the item itself to catch fire. By unplugging the appliance, you ensure your home is secure and safe.

If a heating appliance such as a heater or flat iron begins to malfunction, spark up, or heat up too fast, you should refrain from using it again. You may want to replace appliances such as this as soon as possible. If an appliance such as an electric stove, or light switch starts to malfunction, you should hire an emergency electrician right away. Appliances such as these cannot be replaced so easily. If you live in the Florence, SC, area, then Mister Sparky can provide emergency electrical services for you. This will help prevent permanent appliances such as electrical sockets, and light switches from malfunctioning or catching fire.

Follow Appliance Directions

Electricity is a seriously powerful force that can cause extreme damage to properties and lives. This is why it is so important to follow the appliance directions. Many fires start because they are using their appliances incorrectly. Always read the manual and pay attention to the warnings. The manufacturer warning labels on the appliances to bring your attention to them and to help you stay safe while using their products.

Not paying attention to warnings can start unnecessary electrical fires. Many people don’t realize that they shouldn’t put metal in the microwave until they do. If everyone paid attention to the warnings, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about electrical fires and failure. Another example of people not paying attention to the warning is the use of portable electric heaters. These heaters have clear directions to never leave them on unattended and never plug them into extension cords. Doing these things can directly cause a fire. Most people don’t realize this and do it anyway. If you have any questions on how to operate our appliances, call the company or look for the manual.

Extension Cords are Temporary

If you use extension cords for anything, you should also utilize the unplug and turn off method for this appliance. Extension cords are extremely handy electrical items that will allow you to power an item or appliance that may not be near an outlet. However, these appliances are not stable enough for prolonged and permanent use. If you find that you are constantly using extension cords, then you should contact an emergency electrician to help you rearrange your system in such a way where extension cords will no longer be necessary.

If the Plug Doesn’t Fit, You May Need a New Outlet

If your plug doesn’t fit your electrical socket do not try to bend or shape it to fit. Doing so can result in sparks, electrocution, and possibly fires. Prongs that don’t fit into a specific outlet may need a special outlet or may need a new plug. This may indicate the appliance isn’t meant to be used on regular sources of electricity or it’s faulty. Either way, you should have a professional emergency electrician help you decide how to proceed.

Your local emergency electrician may recommend buying a new appliance if the appliance is not meant for U.S electrical systems or is faulty. If the prongs are bent or broken, you may need to have it repaired or replaced. It is not a good idea to use broken or faulty items on your electrical systems. Unstable electrical products can easily cause sparks, fires, electricians, and even electrical system damage. Don’t take a chance on faulty or broken electrical products.

Pay Attention

As a property owner, you may try to rationalize or minimize obviously needed repairs. Electrical repairs cannot be ignored, however. Doing so may result in electrical fires or electrocution, which can be detrimental to your well-being and the well-being of your property. If you notice any suspicious occurrences related to your electrical system you should contact an emergency electrician right away.

Suspicious electrical issues may come in the form of burnt or blackened electrical sockets or light switches, excessively flickering lights, sparks, or blown fuses. Anything that is considered out of the norm for an electrical system must be addressed by an emergency electrician. DIY electrical repairs can lead to more problems in the future and can be dangerous for you and others around you. Electrical problems should only be addressed by a professional. Ignoring electrical problems is just as dangerous as trying to fix them yourself.

If you live in the area, and are in need of an emergency electrician, you can count on Mister Sparky of Florence, to properly inspect, repair, and replace any electrical components that may not be working properly. In the case of an actual electrical fire or electrocution, you must call your local emergency services right away. Follow the tips above to prevent electrical fires and electrocution, and contact a professional when you need to.