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It’s safe to say that the world wouldn’t be what it is today without electricity. Even though electricity makes your life more comfortable, it could result in adverse effects if poorly maintained. For instance, in the United States, over 28,000 home fires are caused by arcing faults resulting in loss of life and injuries. They also cause over 700 million dollars in property damage every year.

To prevent electricity-related tragedies, it’s essential to have an electrical contractor perform annual inspections to ensure that all the components meet the safety provisions in the National Electrical Code.

Besides designing, installing, and conducting electrical repairs, an electrician can help with some of the services listed below.


Anytime you switch on the lights or the ceiling fans, electricity flows through the wiring that’s safely tucked away beneath the drywall. If the wiring is faulty, problems are bound to occur. The US Fire Administration associates receptacles, worn-out wiring, and outlets with over 39 percent of the home electrical fires annually. When considering rewiring, it’s important to note that there are two types of electrical contractors; the wet and the dry electrician.

A wet electrician has the required expertise to complete wiring in various buildings or factories. On the other hand, a dry electrician specializes in wiring with commercial premises, including offices. Therefore when rewiring your home in Florence, SC, it’s better to work with a wet electrician who’ll help you verify the wiring, assemble the necessary tools, and manage the entire process.

Shocking switches, frequently tripping fuses and breakers, and frayed wires are some of the few warning signs that indicate you need a professional electrical contractor to rewire your home. Additionally, the presence of a funny smell as well as the dimming lights should trigger you to seek help from a trained electrician.

Electrical Inspections

An electrical inspection consists of a detailed check-up of the wiring and the electrical connection within your home. Besides the exhaustive examination of the whole electrical system to ensure the components meet the required safety standards, electrical inspections recognize the common electrical errors that an electrical expert made during the wiring process. Moreover, when a homeowner requests an inspection service, your electrical contractor may conduct any of the three types of electrical inspections depending on your needs.

These types of inspection include service inspection, rough-in evaluation, and final check-up. A professional electrician performs the rough-in examination on wires, electrical boxes, and conduits. It’s worth remembering that an electric expert eliminates any possible fire hazards surrounding the electrical panels and boxes.

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Installation

With the help of a professional electrical contractor, homeowners in Florence, SC, can install a ground fault circuit interrupter in homes to minimize cases of electric shock. The interrupter element is created to disrupt the flow of the electric current when a power surge is discovered. The ground fault circuits are designed with a three or two-prong plug-in linkage, just like an ordinary power outlet. The only difference is that the former has two buttons; the test and reset buttons.

The current state regulations have made it mandatory to install a fault circuit breaker outlet in homes. Crawlspace, bathrooms, and outdoor entertainment environs are some of the areas an electrical contractor can install the circuit component. Also, during the circuit breaker installation, the technician is operating near risky electrical current equipment, hence it’s advisable to avoid touching any service line to prevent major electrical injuries.

Surge Protection

A power surge may trigger the wiring system to overheat and eventually burn. It refers to when there’s a sudden increase in voltage within your home. This phenomenon can prove tragic when it affects the wiring inside electronic devices and appliances. Apart from that, the appliance safeguards the electrical devices from voltage surges in alternating electric structures.

The electrician also advises the homeowners to often replace the surge protectors, especially after the surge. The experts may also warn you to take precautions while using the surge protectors. Even though an entire home surge protector can guarantee a homeowner’s total protection from voltage surges, a proficient electrical expert should install them to ensure optimum productivity.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

An electrical contractor near Florence, SC, assists homeowners in installing commercial outdoor lighting options such as security lights, illuminated signs, and parking lot lighting; this will raise the property’s market value and improve curb appeal.

It’s worth noting that landscape lighting enhances your home security and improves the nighttime curb appeal utilizing the low voltage landscape lighting. Additionally, if you need pool and patio lighting or landscape and deck lighting solutions, be sure to contact an electrical expert for help.

Breaker Box Wiring

The role of your home’s breaker box is to ensure that the electric current from the local power service company is connected to the house’s electrical infrastructure. Besides that, it distributes the electric power to the outlets and other devices.

In multiple scenarios, the breaker box experiences some problems, such as faulty wiring, and this can lead to an unexpected blackout that can be disruptive. However, during an electrical contractors’ visit, the wiring system can be connected accurately within the breaker box to prevent homeowners from experiencing such blackouts. Also, the expert may inspect if it has enough space inside.

Mister Sparky of Florence; A Trusted Electrical Contractor Near You

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