Are Smart Homes Really That Smart? What Your Electrician Has to Say | Florence, SC

Nowadays, everything is smart. From phones and cars to homes, technology is automating everything. You have probably heard a lot about smart homes. Maybe you have already decided to jump on the smart home bandwagon. Or maybe you’re still not sure if it is something for you. Don’t sweat it; a competent electrician in Florence, SC, can help you understand the ins and outs of smart homes.

What Makes a Home Smart?

There is no standard definition of what a smart home is or should be. For some, a smart home connects several devices and appliances you can control from your phone and other smart devices.

Others describe it as a home automation system that controls several things in your home and makes changes without worrying about anything. Simply put, a smart home makes things easier for you.

Dumb Devices and Their Smart Counterparts

A good thing about this smart movement is that you do not need to live in an ultramodern house to call your house a smart home. A few smart devices will instantly upgrade your Florence, SC home. Some of these need to be installed by a licensed electrician; others are simple plug-and-play devices. Here is a closer look at some appliances and a few instances where the dumber option might be the more innovative option.

Automated Thermostats

Looking for a place to save money and help protect the environment? Automated thermostats are a good option. They can learn your preferred temperature and when you want it. Smart thermostats will turn down when you leave your home, and you can control them from your phone.

Smart Refrigerators

These refrigerators have a touchscreen to help you manage groceries, play music, let you connect with your family, and have a ton of other fascinating features. Smart refrigerators don’t make things easier or help you save money.

Smart Lock

At one point, you may have panicked in the middle of the day, wondering if you locked your front door.

With a smart lock, you can lock your home through your phone, allow temporary access to visitors, maintenance specialists, and electricians, and see who is at your door.

Robotic Vacuums

If you hate cleaning or are too tired after a long day at work, a robotic or automated vacuum cleaner might be the thing for you.

As convenient as it is, this vacuum is almost ten times more expensive than other dumb counterparts and can’t clean stairs. Robotic vacuums are innovative but maybe not smart enough.

The Smart Benefits


High-tech things make life easier. For example, you can program certain lights on and off at a specific time. The brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the time of day or your current activity.

Smart sprinklers do the work of watering your lawn or plants for you. Some devices even alert you if something needs repair. That way, you can call your electrician before things get out of hand.


Another benefit is that your smart home can be customized to meet different needs. It can be conducive if you have an elderly relative living alone. Smart devices can regulate lights and heating, remind them of important tasks and even monitor their health.


Would you even call it smart if it wouldn’t save you some money? Space heating accounts for about 45 percent of energy bills in the average home. Smart thermostats, outlets, and lights all significantly help reduce energy costs by managing your energy consumption.

These features are not just innovative; they are also much safer and can prevent significant problems that will need to be fixed by an electrician.


Smart devices reduce water costs in your home. Household leaks waste nearly 10,000 gallons of water a year. Smart water sensors can help you detect leaks so that they can be fixed early on.

Increased Security

Features like smart locks and cameras can help you feel safer in your home. They will also allow you to monitor your home when you are not there.

Disadvantages of Smart Homes

Short Life Span

Unfortunately, home automation systems and smart devices are still evolving. Technology has a long way to go before smart homes become the norm. Devices that were all the hype a few years ago are now obsolete. You must keep upgrading and replacing devices to keep up with market trends.


Though most smart devices are not that costly, some home automation systems can be pretty expensive and can only be installed by a specialized electrician.

The technology has to be frequently upgraded, and you’ll need to replace items often. Sometimes you have to pay a monthly or annual subscription to benefit from all the features of a smart device fully.


Because smart devices depend on a constant supply of power and a network connection, they are practically useless if there is a power outage or network failure.

After a blackout, many devices reset and have to be re-programmed. Sometimes companies abandon their products, and you won’t be able to use them or access information stored in the cloud.


Security and privacy concerns are the biggest stumbling block for many people. With all your devices connected to the internet, the risk that they can be hacked or monitored is too real.

Smart Choices Start With You

There is no denying it; the future is decidedly smart. To fully enjoy a smart home’s benefits, you need to be thoughtful about your purchases.

Some devices are not much better than their regular counterparts. Others might not last long on the market. Your electrician in Florence, SC, can help you identify what works best for you.

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