Does Your Electrical Issue Require A Call To An Emergency Electrician? | Florence, SC

Electricity is essential to your daily life but can also put your home and family at risk. All electrical issues are serious, but the ones that can start an electrical fire in your house require a call to an emergency electrician in Florence, SC.

You may want to think twice if you’re tempted to watch a YouTube video and attempt a DIY repair. Your electrical system is very complex, and one mistake can result in electrocution or an electrical fire that can destroy your house in minutes.

If your electrical system experiences any of the following issues, it must be addressed immediately.

#1 The Circuits Trip Often

Your electrical box is the system’s brain and has a safety feature to prevent an overload that could cause an electrical fire. The circuits will trip when the system draws more energy than the circuits can handle, causing a dangerous overload. For example, the breaker will trip if you have too many devices and appliances plugged into one circuit.

If circuits trip often, unplugging something could help. If you need more power, an electrician can upgrade the electrical box to allow you to run everything without the circuit tripping. If unplugging something doesn’t help or the circuit isn’t overloaded, it’s time to call an emergency electrician in Florence, SC.

A problem with the electrical box can cause the circuits to trip frequently, and allowing the problem to persist can result in more damage, putting your home and family at risk. An electrician will inspect the electrical box for issues and fix it before a disaster occurs.

#2 A Switch or Outlet Is Warm to the Touch

The light switches and outlets in your house should never be warm to the touch, and if they are, you must call an emergency electrician immediately. The warmth indicates a short in the wire that must be fixed before it starts an electrical fire. The electrician will remove the outlet or switch cover to expose the wires and find the damaged wire, ensuring the electrical system functions correctly.

#3 The Lights Flicker

It isn’t normal for the lights in your house to flicker, and if it happens randomly or when you turn on an electrical appliance, the electrical demand is higher than the outlet can handle, and your lights will flicker. Allowing the problem to persist isn’t a good idea because the high demand can overload the system, creating a fire hazard.

An emergency electrician can install additional power outlets or upgrade the electrical box to put large appliances on their own circuits.

#4 You See Sparks When Plugging or Unplugging an Electrical Outlet or Device

It’s not uncommon to see a blue spark when you plug or unplug an appliance or device, especially if it’s on. When you plug or unplug something, some electricity transfers from the outlet to the device, breaking the electrical contact and causing a blue spark; however, it’s best to call an emergency electrician immediately if you see an orange or yellow spark.

These sparks indicate loose or faulty wiring, the outlet is old or a problem with the electrical system. If you don’t hire an emergency electrician immediately, the sparks will get brighter, resulting in an electrical fire or electrocution.

An emergency electrician will inspect the outlet and the device or appliance to resolve the problem, preventing a disaster that can put your home and family at risk.

#5 You Get a Mild Shock When Touching an Outlet or Appliance

Do you get a shock when you touch an outlet or an appliance? If so, you have a significant electrical problem and must call an emergency electrician in Florence, SC, because using the outlet or appliance is unsafe.

The shock happens when a residual current gets stored in the appliance, causing some of the electricity to transfer to you, causing a shock. Allowing the problem to persist will worsen, and the mild shocks will escalate to a shock that could threaten your life.

An electrician can resolve the problem, ensuring you remain safe.

#6 A Light Bulb in Your House Burns Out Quickly

Is there one light bulb in your house that burns out much faster than the rest? If so, it’s best to hire an electrician immediately.

A loose connection at the sire socket or with the wire connections will burn the bulb quickly. The loose connections increase the heat and electrical resistance passing through the bulb, causing it to burn out quickly.

Loose connections can spark an electrical fire that can destroy your house in minutes, so it’s best to make the call immediately.

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