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Electrical hazards in homes can lead to various problems, from the failure of home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines to fires, deaths, and permanent paralysis following electrocutions. About 24,000 home fires occurred in the US each year between 2014 and 2016, causing a total of about 850 injuries, $871 million property loss, and 310 deaths.

Some of the causes for the fires include electrical hazards such as defective wiring and light bulbs. To prevent such problems, homeowners ought to be wary of electrical hazards and how to deal with them. Read on to find out more on the subject and why you should seek professional electrical repair services.

Water Issues

Water is a vital resource in homes, but the same commodity we need for survival can become detrimental. That is especially the case when electricians fail to consider safety standards while installing electrical fittings in homes. Some technicians are diligent with their work, and others might want to finish up the installation quickly, receive their pay, and leave without delivering quality services. The latter persons can install outlets close to water sources, including in areas such as sanitary sinks and bathrooms. You could have possibly come across information in educational material such as electrical repair and safety books on how water and electricity do not blend. And if you have not, the bottom line is there is bound to be some destruction when the two mix. Pouring water on electric fires is another thing to be cautious about. The action will only make the fire surge, and you can even get an electric shock. The best solution is using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Additionally, you could have a slab leak problem that causes your floors to get wet. If electricity comes in contact with the water, you may be looking at a severe electrocution problem.

Another water issue is touching electrical appliances or fittings with wet hands. That is a common incident amongst homeowners. And although the electric shocks experienced may be minute, a time might come when you experience unbearable pain. You and your family members should be careful and practice safety measures to ensure your home and hands are always dry when dealing with electricity. Additionally, if you notice electrical fixtures and fittings are near water sources, talk to an electrical service provider to assess the best spots to relocate the fixtures and handle the job.

Extension Cord Overloads

As cheap as they are, extension cords can cost you your luxury electrical appliances or the whole house. Overloading your extension cord by operating many fixtures at once can lead to overheating and the release of fire sparks that can light up your carpets and trigger a big fire. Apart from causing the named damages, wrongly placed extension cords can lead to tripping and slip and fall injuries that bring about permanent disabilities.

Raising the extension cords from the ground is essential to prevent slip and fall accidents and electric shocks when flooding occurs in your residence. You can also utilize plastic socket closures on the unused sockets of your extension cords to enhance safety. If you keep replacing your extension cords now and then or the connected appliances are defective, you might have to seek advice and electrical repair services from a professional who will troubleshoot the problem in place and fix it or recommend the best quality of extension cord to purchase.

Defective and Poor Wiring

Wiring is a core component of an electrical system since it is responsible for ensuring the power supply from the mains travels throughout the house to each room. When seeking wiring services, it will be wise to give the work to a professional electrician to prevent repair charges in the future. The expert can know the quality of wiring materials needed for the job and even assist with the purchase.

Apart from repair expenses, defective, worn-out, or improper wiring can render your home susceptible to fires and electrocutions and cause power surges. And while a DIY fix can seem less expensive, it might just cost you multiple hospital visits if or when you get an electric shock. And with that, you may incur medical expenses and beat your original purpose of saving some bucks. The safest move to make is to talk to an electrical repair technician in Florence, SC, who can attend to your electrical needs and deliver quality services.

Faulty Light Bulbs

Some homeowners do not regard lightbulbs as potential electrical hazards. However, that is only the case if they are fitted in the correct place and right way. Some electrical repair and installation technicians tend to disregard safety measures while installing these appliances. For instance, they may carelessly mount a light fixture with very high wattage near flammable materials such as upholstery, beds, and drapes. These bulbs later overheat and cause fires.

It will be worth your while to seek the services of a certified electrical repair expert to fix bulb issues in your residence. Additionally, embrace safety measures such as operating electrical fixtures with dry hands and ensuring the light bulb’s electric switch is off before touching the bulbs. That will go a long way in saving you from unforeseeable accidents and unending hospital visits.

Inquisitive Young Children

Young babies and toddlers are always curious to learn about everything and anything they see. They can even try to touch or put them in their mouths. Although parents are cautious, keeping an eye on the little bundles of joy every time, a slip in concentration levels can lead to injuries.

Therefore, homeowners should take protective measures by covering open electricity sockets with plastic closures. Otherwise, you can talk to a certified electrical repair technician to raise the socket outlets where they will be out of reach to children.

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