Electrical Services To Expect From A Commercial Electrician | Florence, SC

Electricity has become an essential part of everyday life. Some people take it for granted until something happens and this precious commodity is unavailable. For a business, this could prove disastrous. You can lose time, customers, and revenue.

To ensure smooth operations in your business in Florence, SC, you need a commercial electrician. Commercial electrical services differ from residential ones because they require greater skill and special equipment. Here are some services offered by commercial electricians.

Electrical Repairs

Commercial electricians are trained and have the skills and equipment necessary to deal with complex repairs. If you own a business, you know it is required to constantly deal with electrical problems promptly and swiftly, as negligence can create more significant problems in the future and incur fines.

Commercial electricians are trained to complete repairs quickly and efficiently so as not to interrupt the normal flow of business. Because the commercial sector is vast, many electricians specialize in specific fields and have become experts in dealing with certain problems. Many commercial electricians also offer emergency electrical services. They know that any unnecessary delay can cost a business thousands of dollars.

Electrical Inspections

Every business is required to conduct regular electrical inspections. Such inspections will help identify and locate any problems in the system and ensure everything meets legal safety standards.

Commercial electrical services providers are familiar with state and local regulations and ensure your electrical system complies with them. Electrical inspections are also necessary when buying or selling property.

Electrical Maintenance

If you have commercial electrical equipment, it needs to be maintained regularly and serviced to last longer and work efficiently. A commercial electrical services provider not only maintains equipment but the whole electrical system in the building.

Commercial wiring is much more complex than residential systems and needs to be regularly maintained to prevent expensive repairs. A small problem becomes worse if not promptly taken care of.

New Constructions

Commercial electricians are also responsible for designing and installing the electrical system in new buildings. They need to consider safety, ease of access, and total energy consumption, among other things. These contractors also need to make sure industry standards are followed.

Even though people everywhere like to cut corners, a dedicated commercial electrician will be honest with you if certain practices can compromise the integrity of the wiring system or if certain materials won’t last long.

A commercial electrical services company will sometimes continue working at a building long after construction because its staff is familiar with the wiring system. Thus, the property owner prefers to hire them for repairs and maintenance.


Commercial electricians perform rewiring for old properties. Rewiring is the process of upgrading and replacing a building’s old wiring. The wiring in most old premises cannot support the demands of today’s energy consumption. A commercial electrician will assess your energy needs and make the necessary adjustments.

The specialist often installs new circuit breakers that can sustain higher loads, add more outlets in more convenient spaces, and replace wires with modern, durable ones. This makes the building safer as old wiring tends to overheat with the high demand and can lead to electrical fires. Also, these upgrades will reduce the need for frequent repairs, can help reduce energy costs and increase property value.


The most significant part of a business’s energy costs goes to lighting. Many companies are looking to upgrade their lighting to reduce energy costs. A commercial electrical services provider not only replaces current light fixtures with energy-saving models but also conducts retrofitting to allow you to get more out of lighting.

Light can often be used to create a statement or enhance the ambiance. Commercial electricians have the know-how to help your business stand out.


Now more than ever, it has become essential for each business to have a backup power source. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that power outages cost companies more than $150 billion annually.

Most commercial electrical services providers offer generator services such as installation, maintenance, and repair. Because commercial generators are such a significant investment and are very technical, you should look for a commercial electrician with a lot of experience in the field. Owning a generator will not ensure continued electricity if it is not set up correctly.

Ceiling Fan Installations

Depending on where you live, ceiling fans could be a better and cheaper way to cool an office space than air conditioners. Commercial electricians safely install ceiling fans and repair them if they malfunction. Before installation, they check if the ceiling has the necessary wiring.

Safety Upgrades

Over the last ten years, over 20,000 workers have been injured in electrical accidents at the workplace. A commercial electrician will help increase the safety of your workplace through regular checkups and installing special safety features. Some commercial electricians specialize in security and alarm systems that will help protect your business from crimes.

Energy Audits

A general commercial electrical services provider will often offer energy audits. An energy audit, or energy assessment, determines how much electricity is consumed, how it is wasted, and what needs to be fixed to save energy. If you follow the recommendations provided by the energy audit, you can significantly reduce the cost of your energy bill.

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