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The electrical system of your home is important to the integrity of your property. An electric malfunction can be devastating to your property, equipment, and life, if not cared for properly. Preventive electrical system maintenance is important for various reasons, however, there are times when an emergency electrician is needed immediately. If you are in need of an emergency electrician in the Florence, SC area, do not hesitate to contact Mister Sparky for all of your electric system servicing needs.

The Most Common Reasons You’ll Need to Contact a Local Emergency Electrician

Overloaded Circuit

Power surges or overloaded circuits can lead to a tripped circuit breaker. This will result in a part or parts of the home completely losing power. A tripped breaker may not seem like a huge issue to most. Fixing a tripped breaker is fairly easy if you know where to find and reset your circuit box. This, however, is not the best idea due to the dangers that present themselves when dealing with electrical systems. An overloaded circuit can also cause your equipment to break down faster and may lead to quicker electrical system decay. In order to prevent these disasters from occurring, it would be in your best interest to hire an emergency electrician. The electrician would be able to diagnose the cause of this overload to help prevent it from happening in the future.

Complete Loss of Power

What’s worse than losing power in one part of your home? A total blackout is scary. The first instinct when this sort of thing happens is to determine if the power is out on the entire grid block. If this is the case an emergency technician is not the person to contact just yet. You should instead contact your power supply company. If the power is only out in your home, it could be due to issues with the electricity bill. If the power is out and it isn’t for any of the reasons mentioned previously then it’s time to contact your local emergency electrician.

Power Is Constantly Going In and Out of Whack

A sure sign of electrical problems is flickering lights. If you notice that the power supply to your lighting system is constantly going in and out. This can be an indication that the power supply and or electrical distribution system has serious malfunctions or shorts. Flickering lights can be more than annoying. Flickering lights can indicate the need for emergency electrical repair.


Electric systems aren’t meant to last forever. If you notice glitches in the power supply this can is usually the precursor to much larger, more dangerous, and possibly more costly problems. If you notice sparks or any kind of visible electrical surges coming out of your sockets when you attempt to use them, contact an emergency electrician right away. Sparks can very easily lead to life-threatening fires.

Preventive Maintenance

A simple and cost-efficient way to prevent emergencies such as the ones mentioned previously is to acquire the services of an emergency electrician company that can conduct routine checks. Contact Mister Sparky for all of your electric system needs.

You must take care and look after your property. Electrical systems if installed properly, can help you save money and allow you to live comfortably. To avoid the need for an emergency electrician you should acquire a professional to perform preventive maintenance services. These services usually include a series of tests to diagnose any issues that may be lurking in the systems. A licensed electrical technician will be to assess digital communication systems, generators, electrical machines, sockets, and hydraulics, lighting systems, surge protectors, as well as any system connected to your main source of power.

Believe it or not, preventive maintenance can help you save money in the long run. The first way It does this is by cutting down the need for emery electrician services. Mentioned previously in the article is the need for emergency professionals when sparks are seen. With preventive maintenance, this problem can be addressed before it becomes serious. A trained professional will be able to identify the issue before emergency repairs are needed.

Outlets can spark for various reasons. Sparks may indicate a short circuit. The power running through the property and into the electrical outlet is speedy and garners a lot of power. If the power is not being interrupted by means of a shorted circuit or other malfunctions, you can be sure the power will flow easily and without problems. The power in the outlets has to move fast to ensure your appliances and other electrical equipment runs smoothly. The speed of electricity also makes things hot. The heat can cause fires. If you notice sparks or burns on the plug or outlet itself, you must not hesitate to contact an emergency electrician right away. You should also cease from using that particular outlet to avoid any disasters. Once a professional investigates and alleviates the issue you can resume using the outlet.

Outlets can also start sparking due to water in or around the outlet. Water can cause your electrical system to short out. Water in the outlet usually causes systems to completely shut down.

Old outlets and electrical systems can be very dangerous. Outdated electrical systems may have to be replaced altogether or extensively maintained. This maintenance may include a routine power shutdown and small replacements here and there. To save yourself time, money, and mental health, simply hire a trusted professional electrical service in the Florence, SC area to ensure the safety of your home and life.

Hiring a local service like Mister Sparky of Florence will also help increase the lifespan of your electrical system so that a total replacement will be needed less often. Research shows that a well-maintained electrical system can last upwards of 35 years, whereas poorly maintained systems last 17 years on average. This translates to preventive maintenance saving you nearly 20 years on replacement cost. Contact Mister Sparky for any emergency electrician and preventive maintenance service needs.