Emergency Electrician: The Signs of Electrical Disasters and How to Prevent Them | Florence, SC

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Your home’s electrical system is responsible for containing loads of electrical power and energy. Proper care and precautions must be taken in order to ensure the longevity and safety of this system. Electrical energy is powerful and dangerous. Uncontained electrical energy can cause fires and shock. Avoiding disasters such as electrical shock and electrical fires can be done by following some simple procedures and having an emergency electrician assess your property’s electrical system periodically.

Hiring a professional electrician to inspect and repair your system on a routine basis will help prevent electrical disasters such as electrical fires and shock due to the level of knowledge and training a licensed electrician has. Your local professional electrician will have the know-how and experience to recognize signs of malfunction and system decay. Your licensed electrician will then repair and restore it back to its original quality or better. If you live in or around the area and are in need of an emergency electrician, contact Mister Sparky of Florence.

Preventing Electrical Disasters

Electrical systems are a combination of panels, cables, and wires, connected to outlets and light switches throughout a property. Electrical disasters usually occur when an electrical system is old, worn out, or improperly installed. Neglecting maintenance needs and obvious faults can also lead to an electrical disaster. The key to avoiding electrical disasters is to fix issues swiftly and avoid using an electrical system that is faulty or poorly maintained. If you do notice any faults, contact an electrician right away.

Electrical fires are actually quite common. This is an unfortunate fact. According to data, electrical fires are responsible for nearly 500 deaths and over 1400 injuries each year. Electrical fires have the real potential to inflict serious bodily harm and property damage. Each year, electrical fires cause billions in property damages. If you notice signs of an impending electrical fire, contact an emergency electrician right away.

Electrical fires aren’t the only electrical disaster that has plagued our homes and properties. Electrical shock or electrocution is a real hazard that affects hundreds of thousands of people each year. Electric shock is so common, even the trained experts experience it some of the time. Electrical worker injury is a common occurrence on the job. Electrical professionals are trained on how to avoid these injuries, however, due to the volatile and surprising nature of electricity, these injuries are sometimes unavoidable. If your electrical system is malfunctioning, it’s important to stay as far away from the malfunction as possible. Trying to repair electrical problems yourself can lead to injury or property damages. If you notice any electrical system faults, contact a professional emergency electrician right away.

How Do Electrical Fires and Electrical Shock Occur – How to Avoid It


One of the biggest culprits for causing electrical fires and electrical shock is by using electrical outlets or light switches that aren’t grounded properly. When an electrical outlet is properly grounded, this is referring to the electrical output or energy being channeled to the ground. This is best explained when looking at lighting strikes. When lightning strikes, it doesn’t care where it lands, it’s simply trying to make it to the ground. All electrical energy ever wants to do is make it to the ground. When electrical energy is not channeled toward the ground it will damage appliances and property that gets in its way. This is why it is so important for electrical outlets and light switches to be properly grounded.

An ungrounded electrical outlet can be easy to identify. If you notice a burning smell or a burnt appearance on or around your electrical outlet, chances are your electrical outlet is ungrounded or there is another issue present. The first thing you should do is refrain from utilizing that outlet or circuit. You should then contact an emergency electrician right away.

Old or Worn-Out Electrical Components

Old or worn-out electrical systems pose a huge threat to the property and the user. Thrifting is a great hobby, but not when it comes to electrical systems. Old and worn-out electrical systems require more maintenance and repair than newer or well-maintained electrical systems. Electrical systems that have weathered away will pose more of a hazard than one that has been repaired property. This is due to the fact that old and weathered electrical systems can not contain the electrical energy as well as it was intended to. If your electrical system is worn out, contact an emergency electrician to help you figure out how to get it back on track.

Electricity needs to be contained and controlled in order to be used safely and efficiently. Whether electrical systems will not be able to do that. If the wires and cables are frayed or barely holding on, electrical energy will no longer have a clear path to follow. Loose electrical energy can lead to property damage, electrical shock, and electrical fires. If you know your electrical system is old or improperly maintained, contact an emergency electrician right away. If you live in or around the Florence, SC, area, and are in search of a licensed and experienced electrician, contact Mister Sparky of Florence for all of your electrical repair and maintenance needs.

Constant Surges and Circuit Breaks

If your home’s circuit breaker is working overtime, you have a serious issue on your hands. Circuit breakers are designed to prevent electrical disasters by breaking the circuit when an influx of electrical energy is detected in a circuit. If your circuit breaker is breaking constantly, this may indicate your circuits are constantly being overloaded with electricity. If you are experiencing this, contact an emergency electrician right away.

Your circuit breakers can be flipped manually or automatically. Your circuit was designed to handle a certain amount of electricity at one time. If the electrical load exceeds the allotted amount for safety and efficiency, your circuit breaker will automatically break the circuit. By preventing an overloading circuit from continuing to conduct electricity, it prevents electrical property damages, electrical fires, and electrical injury from occurring. So, if your electrical circuit breaker is breaking your circuits on a consistent basis, that means it is working properly. It also means that a component in your electrical system has become faulty and needs urgent attention from an electrician.

If you live in or around the Florence, SC, area, contact Mister Sparky of Florence, to hire a licensed and prompt emergency electrician.