How to Avoid an Electrical Fire in The Winter | Tips from Your Trusted Florence, SC Electrical Service Provider

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According to the United States Fire Administration, just a few short years ago, there were approximately 389,900 fires that were caused by some sort of electrical issue. The top five causes of these fires were: faulty appliances or electrical cords, issues with light fixtures, extension cords, space heaters, and wiring issues. That is why electrical service is very important in your business or home.

Electrical fires are probably the most dangerous type of fire since they cause harm from not only the fire itself, but they also can cause electrical shock as well. These are the main causes of electrical fires and how you can prevent them from happening in your business, farm, and home. Good electrical service and maintenance can help avoid these fires.

Faulty Appliances or Electrical Cords: Worn out, outdated, or appliances and power tools that were not repaired properly can not only cause a fire but can cause electrical shock to the person that is using them. A lot of power tools have outdated cords that power them that have been spliced and taped on. It is very likely that the cord will come loose and cause an electrical fire. If appliances like coffee makers and hair styling items like curling irons are very dangerous. Continuing to use electrical cords that are well worn or broken can cause electrical fires. Older cords have insulation that can break or shatter easily which will expose the wires on the inside of the item. If a plug has been replaced, it can separate and can result in a fire and electric shock.

Light Fixtures: Light devices can trap dust and debris in them from work areas and then they can ignite. If you leave heat pipes alone that are being used to defrost pipes or warm up areas for animals, especially if there are materials nearby like hay or straw close by that can catch fire and burn up easily, are an accident waiting to happen. This is why you need proper electrical service to ensure that your light fixtures are in proper working order.

Extension Cords: Extension cords make it very possible for the people to add as many appliances as they possibly can to them and every one of them draws power. If an extension cord has too many items plugged into it, outlets can be become overstressed or become damaged from foot traffic. If the extension cords are covered by carpet in your Florence, SC place of residence, they can fray and cause the fabric to catch on fire if they do not get proper electrical service.

Space Heaters: By their nature and how they are used, space heaters are very likely to tip over or to be left on for a long period of time. It is a very bad idea to leave these heaters unattended. Ceramic or oil-filled heaters are a good idea because they turn themselves off when they are not being used and do not require any electrical service.

Wiring: A lot of the structure in a building or home in Florence, SC or anywhere else is located behind the walls. Rodents and birds can chew on the wires and cause a fire. Do-it-yourself wiring is a problem, especially on farms and ranches. The temptation to “fix” a wiring problem by yourself can result in a very dangerous situation. Having a friend or yourself do your wiring so you can “save money” can be very expensive and go against the regulations of your insurance policies. Instead, you should have an electrician come out and do a proper electrical service on the wiring in your home or place of business.

Cooking: Between the stove, crock pot, a microwave, hand mixers, and any other cooking equipment that you may be using to prepare your meals, there is a lot of room for accidents there. To minimize the electrical load and lower the risk of overloading, use as few appliances as possible at one time. Using all of your appliances at one time can cause a big problem like an electrical fire.

Christmas Trees: No matter whether you get an artificial or a real tree, you need to keep your tree at least three feet away from any source of heat such as candles, fireplaces, and heaters. Also, do not keep a real tree in your home for too long after Christmas it will dry out quickly and can cause a fire.

Prevention Is Crucial 

The prevention of electrical fires is very important in your home or place of business in Florence, SC. One of the things that you can do to prevent electrical fires is to make out a checklist of electrical fixtures, outlets, wiring, and have a qualified professional do all of your repairs and electrical service. Your electrician should install GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) type outlets to prevent fire or electrical shock causing hazards that are a result from an electric current.

Whenever possible, do not use extension cords and unplug them as soon as you are done using them. As part of your electrical service in Florence, SC, be sure and have your electrician advise you on what appliances that you need to replace with UL approved appliances. You should also not use space heaters. However, if you must, you should a heater that are brand new, have no exposed elements, and will not tip over.

Have Mister Sparky as part of your electrical service in your Florence, SC place of residence tell you how to maintain and inspect your heat and smoke detectors on a regular and scheduled basis and have fire extinguishers available and ready for use just in case they are needed.

Electrical fires can be prevented by paying attention to what can cause them, getting proper electrical service, and being very careful when you use appliances and electrical equipment. Being proactive in the prevention of electrical fires is a full-time job and one that has to be taken seriously on a daily basis.

Now that you know how to safeguard your business and home against an electrical fire, you can relax and have fun and enjoy the holidays and winter months without having to be concerned with an electrical fire.