Tips for Selecting an Emergency Electrician | Florence, SC

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An electrical emergency is one of the most dangerous things you can encounter in your home. The power of electricity requires someone who has learnt to control it.

Enter an emergency electrician like Mister Sparky, Florence, SC. Mister Sparky Electrics has been providing emergency electrical services in Florence for over half a century. Mister Sparky take so much pride in their work that they will offer you a free repair if they are not on time.

Choosing an electrician to handle emergency situations can be daunting. The following are some of the factors you should consider when choosing an emergency electrician in Florence, SC:


The first step when choosing an emergency electrician is to check out his or her qualifications. A license is proof that the electrician has received formal training and has been approved to practice his/her trade by a governing body that will hold him/her accountable.

There are typically two types of electrician licenses: full electrician licenses and journeyman licenses. The former is usually limited to a single state where the latter can work across a variety of regions.

It is also important to check if the electrician’s license covers emergency services. Moreover, you will have to consult with a journeyman electrician to find out if they can offer emergency services.


A bonded electrician pays premiums for an insurance policy (bond) which guarantees the electrician will meet his obligations in a timely fashion. If he/she does not do so, the bonding (insurance company) will compensate you for your grievances.

Given the nature of electrical emergencies, a bonded electrician is more preferable to one who is not insured. The reason is because a bonded electrician is an insurance policy that the job will be done right and on time. Failure to do so has no downside since you will be compensated for the inconvenience.

Since electrical emergencies need to be handled swiftly and comprehensively, it would be devastating if the job were left incomplete. Furthermore, the case would be worse if you could not hold the electrician accountable.


You need to scrutinize an electrician’s qualifications before hiring them. It is the key to finding out if the electrician has adequate training to handle your electrical needs.

If there is other certification that the electrician has been awarded, it will be prudent to check the validity and details of the course as it pertains to offering emergency electrical services. Generally, the more experienced the electrician, the more certification they will possess.

However, qualifications are by no means they only parameter by which to judge an emergency electrician. You would be better suited to choose a more holistic approach.


The distance the emergency electrician‘s base is from your property is paramount when selecting one. In an emergency, you want an electrician that is as close to you as possible.

An emergency electrician will also be carrying some equipment and transporting it over long distances will lead to a less effective response than you would get otherwise. The response time is one of the parameters you should check before hiring the electrician.

If you live in Florence, SC, it is recommended that you select an emergency electrician that is based in Florence. Electrical emergencies can be life or death situations and the shorter the distance, the faster help will arrive.

24-Hour Availability

Accidents can occur at any time, that is their nature. Electrical malfunctions share the same quality. Therefore, it would be dumbfounding to hire an electrician to handle emergency cases who cannot avail themselves at any time of day or night.

It is a must that your electrician explicitly states that they offer their services 24/7 for them to qualify as your emergency electrician. You should ensure it is included in the contract you sign that the electrician is available even in the most unfortunate of times such as during storms and public holidays.


When dealing with emergency electrical failures, confidence reigns supreme. The type of confidence that cannot be acquired anywhere else but from experience.

If two electricians have the same qualifications and quote you the same price, you would be better served choosing the one with more experience. A cool head during emergencies can only be cultivated by repeatedly facing similar situations.

To be more specific, you should select an electrician with experience handling electrical emergencies in Florence, SC. Local knowledge may be the slight advantage the electrician has when it comes to handling emergency electrical situations in your home.


An electrician’s reputation is important when selecting an electrician. Reviews from other clients who suffered electrical emergencies will be a clear indicator of the electrician’s abilities.

Granted there may be biased reviews that are positive or negative depending on the individual’s inclinations. However, you should judge the reviews based more on what they say about the work and less about the electrician though you should pay attention to both.


As with all things, the cost of services will play a significant factor in selecting an electrician to handle electrical emergencies. On the contrary, selecting an electrician based solely on cost is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make.

An electrician who handles emergency situations will obviously charge more than an electrician who handles regular electrical cases. However, the charges should not be exorbitant especially when comparing different emergency electricians.

The cost of an electrical emergency should depend on the emergency. It will be difficult to get a quote for an emergency as you can hardly evaluate the situation beforehand.


The type of equipment used will mater substantially in an emergency situation. Technology serves to reduce the amount of time taken to accomplish a task and you want the fastest electrician in an emergency.

Evaluate an electrician’s equipment and do your research before hiring an electrician for emergencies. Too much equipment will cost too much and too little equipment will not do the job so sound judgement is required.

As you can see, selecting an emergency electrician is a difficult feat. If you are a resident of Florence, SC and are in need of an electrician for emergencies, look no further than Mister Sparky. They are the perfect company for the job. Call them as soon as you can and get a quote.