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Understanding the warning signs of electrical faults is one of the most overlooked safety measures in many homes. Although electricity is one of the necessities in a modern home, it causes over 50,000 house fires annually. It’s imperative that everyone in your home understands the benefits and risks of electricity to ensure their safety.

Typically, the biggest risk is not being able to tell when your home needs electrical repair. Electrical problems can have disastrous effects if left unattended for long. If you see any of the following issues in your house, contact the electrical professionals at Mister Sparky of Florence, SC, for assistance.

  • Repeated Blown Fuses

Circuit breakers trip when there’s a system overload. The occasional blowing of a fuse may not be a problem, but if the tripping becomes common, it could be an indicator of a more serious problem. You can let our certified electricians evaluate your entire electrical system at a reasonable price.

  • Lighting Issues

Lighting fixtures don’t use a lot of electricity. If you start to observe dimming and flickering, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with your electricity system. The installation could be the cause. However, if the issue affects several bulbs, it could be related to connection or circuit overload. Contact us for a professional electrical service as soon as possible.

  • Loose Power Outlets

You can identify loose wiring in your building when switches start working intermittently. When you unplug an appliance, the power outlet should not shift. Loose power outlets can cause fire or electrical shock when not checked. Contact us for electrical repair to ensure your home is safe. You can never go wrong with the services of a professional team from Mister Sparky.

  • Sparks

Sparks or arcs are also a sign that you need urgent repair. When you start seeing sparks in your house, turn to a professional electrician for emergency assistance. Sparks are a serious problem as they often lead to catastrophic fires. If you’re in Florence, SC, let our team experts visit your premises for immediate diagnosis and repair.

  • Buzzing Noise

There should be no sound from your outlets and switches when in use. If you hear buzzing, cracking, and other strange noises, it’s an indicator that there’s something wrong with your electricity system. One of our seasoned technicians can perform the necessary repairs to make your premises safe again.

  • Strange Odors

Another thing that can tell you there is an issue with your electrical system is an odd odor. You should not worry if you’ve just installed a new appliance. However, if you’ve been using your appliance for years, the unfamiliar smell could be an indicator of a burnt cable, fuse or socket, and you need electrical repair.

  • Rodent Droppings

Rodents such as mice and rats are known for chewing through electrical wires. These animals leave the wires naked, thereby exposing residents to electrocution and increasing chances of electric power incidences in homes and other premises.

If you see rodent droppings in your home, chances are the rodents are already destroying electricity wires in your house. Our technicians can visit your premises and establish if there’s infestation or damage. They can repair all the damages and keep the rodents away.

  • Hot Outlets

Although you may be using an appliance producing a lot of heat, the outlet shouldn’t become hot. Only reasonable warmth is acceptable. If you notice that your outlet becomes hot after use, it’s advisable to consult a professional right away. Our highly-educated technicians can help by rewiring your house or replacing the faulty outlet.

  • Shock When Unplugging Gadgets

When you experience shocks from your electrical outlet, it’s time to contact an electrician. Our skilled professionals can visit your premises and assess all the outlets to ensure the problem does not occur again. Our services are prompt and reasonably priced.

Benefits of Hiring Licensed Professionals for Your Electrical Repairs

Ensuring your electrical system is in good shape all the time can be a little overwhelming. However, hiring professionals can go a long way in making electrical repairs safer and affordable. Dealing with electrical experts is associated with the following benefits.

  • It’s Time Saving

Electrical repair and replacements can be time-consuming, especially when handled by unqualified electricians. Our experts know the steps to take in the entire process to complete the project on time. You can rely on our services even when you have a busy work schedule.

  • Insurance

When you hire an insured electrician, you don’t have to worry about incurring extra costs in case of an accident. Dealing with unqualified electricians may see you pay for their medical bills if they suffer injuries due to negligence. When you use our services, you won’t be held responsible for any damages.

  • Value for Your Money

Professional electricians are aware of the industry standards for electrical repairs. They know the importance of using these standards without risking their lives and those of other people. When you use our services, you’re assured of high-quality repairs as our experienced electricians know how to do their job right.

  • Quality Services

We’ve been providing electrical services throughout the area for almost a decade. We can use that experience to provide you with unmatched services. When you use our services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your electrical repairs are in the hands of experienced electrical contractors.

  • It’s Safe

A professional electrician knows the safest ways to carry out electrical repairs. On the other hand, an unqualified electrician may not know how to resolve complicated electrical problems.

Our team of skilled electricians uses its knowledge and resources to give clients unparalleled results. They don’t use any unnecessary shortcuts that may compromise the safety of your premises. The experts have the right safety gear at all times to reduce accident risks.

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