Need An Electrician? | Florence, SC

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Electricity is a part of our everyday lives. Electricity is also a powerful and dangerous force that should only be handled by a skilled and trained electrician. You should know when to call a professional to avoid any safety hazards. Electricians can also help you update your home by installing new modern technology into your home for your convenience.

Power Constantly Going Out

You may need to contact an electrician if electrical circuits constantly trip, leaving you in the dark. If you notice a fuse is constantly blowing out or a circuit breaker tripping often you need to call a professional. This could be an indication that you have a hazardous fault on one or more of your circuits. The more common reason for such a malfunction is use to an overloaded circuit. This just means your circuits can’t handle the power output it is receiving.

Flickering Lights

Your flickering lights may not seem like a problem and usually it isn’t. Flickering lights become a problem when the flickering becomes more prevalent, last longer, or happens unexpectedly. If your lights flicker for a second when you turn on the lights that could be considered normal for an older home. If your lights flicker for longer than a couple of seconds then you may have a major problem on your hands. This may indicate an overloaded circuit. Consult with Mister Sparky’s professionals to help you stop the lights from flickering and to find the source of the affliction.

Too Many Plugs

If you notice that you are using plugs or extension cord then you have a serious problem. You need to cut down on the amount of power being transferred through your outlets. Too many appliances to one out land can overwhelm your power receptacle. An overwhelmed outlet can lead to sparks, fire, or power outages. Prevent this by hiring an electrician to help you properly power appliances.

A lumpy rug is also a safety hazard. If you have too many wires on the ground you can trip and fall. This can also lead to an overwhelmed circuit; the wires are all connected to just one or two outlets. This may also be an indication that you are in need of more electrical outlets to continue with your lifestyle.

Electrical Currents

You may be in need of an emergency electrician if you notice that your outlets are warm to the touch or are blackened near the switch place. You may even notice a light or mild shock when you go to use it. This may indicate a major and dangerous situation. You should first stop using the power outlet. If you live in Florence, SC you should contact Mister Sparky for urgent electrical assistance. This problem could lead to fires and electrocution which can both be fatal for the outlet user.

If you live an older home this can be especially dangerous due to the possible aluminum wiring. Hiring a professional electrician to perform and inspection and fix the issue can help you make necessary updates to your home.


Your home can really benefit from modern electrical updates. It can add value to your home and contribute more money when it’s time to sell. Modern upgrades can also help increase the level of comfort and luxury you experience. Electrical upgrades are exciting groundbreaking innovations and can help you manage your home more efficiently and effectively. Investing in your electrical system can help you get rid of common electrical issues and ensure your electrical systems don’t become a safety hazard.

Smart House

When considering how you’d like to upgrade your electrical system, consider installing smart home systems to help keep you safer. Smart home technology can also be used to make your life more convenient. The smart home technology is groundbreaking, futuristic, and obtainable.

There is smart home technology for everyone and everyone should have smart home technology. Hire an electrical engineer from Mister Sparky to ensure your systems are operating properly. Your electrician can help you install remote security cameras and video, smart thermostats, remote-controlled heating, and air system, smart hubs, and more. Safety technology upgrades such as the smart smoke alarm will help keep you safe. Other smart home technologies include grocery ordering refrigerators and controlled window coverings will add to your convenience. And comfort.

If you live in an older home or just use your outlets a lot you may want to upgrade them by completely replacing them with newer and safer designed receptacles. Hire an electrician to make sure they are properly installed. You may also need to install a special kind of outlet. Outlets for washer and dryers for example differ from all the other outlets in the home. Big appliances such as a washer and dryer require a different kind of charger due to the amount of power that is needed to power such large machines.

Better Light Switch

Light Switches can add a lot to a room and lighting, in general, is important. You can change an entire atmosphere by upgrading your light switch. You may want a new light switch in order to replace an odor broken one. You may also want to control the light switch with a dimmer to help specify the intensity of your light. There are many kinds of dimmers or light switches that can be used as well and can do a variety of things depending on the kinds of lights you have installed.

You may also want your electrician to help you install smart switches that are connected to a smart device in order to turn your lights on and off with the touch of a button and without ever leaving your couch. Smart thermostats work in a similar way. By installing smart technology into your home system you can control the temperature and lights from your handheld cellular device.

If you live in the Florence, SC area, contact Mister Sparky if you need electrical repair, maintenance, or installation.