Questions You Need to Ask Your Electrician | Florence, SC

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Finding a broken switch, malfunctioning electrical boards, and electrical repair that needs to be done is a very common occurrence. Homeowners are well aware of just how recurrent electrical problems can be as well as how difficult it can be to find a good, skillful, and experienced electrician in the Florence, SC area.

In this article, we have discussed all the crucial questions that you need to ask your contractor to ensure that he is the right man for the job. Most of these questions focus on the contractor’s experience, qualifications, and skillset, making it certain that you get the best service for your property.

1.  Does He Have a License for His Work?

It might seem like a very obvious factor that every contractor has to have, but you will be surprised at the number of contractors practicing commercially who do not have a license; it is unbelievably high. You should be very careful when hiring a contractor and always ask them about their licenses and certifications. Not only is it a legal requirement for both the contractor to have and the customer to employ, but it is also very important for the safety of everyone involved.

You can get into legal trouble if you employ an contractor without a license. Similarly, a contractor practicing without a valid license can be legally prosecuted for risking lives. Having a licensed contractor will guarantee you high standards of service and a safe, hazard-free experience.

2.  Is He Insured?

Electrical installation and repair is a dangerous field of work, where a lot of lives are at risk. Therefore, having insurance helps everyone – the electrician, assistants, and customers. To ensure that you are hiring a reliable, qualified, and safe contractor always ensure to check their insurance. If they do not have insurance, it is best to avoid hiring them for everyone’s benefit.

The insurance you should be looking for is the Public Liability Insurance policy, which covers both people as well as the property involved in case of an unfortunate event. This insurance protects not only the electrical contractor on the job, but also the customers and other people present on site

3.  Can He Provide Some Customer References?

Always ask for customer references and feedback. A good, reliable, and professional contractors should not hesitate to provide you with a few references. These references act as a very good guide since you are getting customer insights and feedback from people who have directly been involved with the contractors you are planning to hire. This is the best way to gauge the expertise, skills, and services of your prospective contractor.

If the contractor doesn’t provide and reference, that isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. You can ask around; ask your friends, family, and people in your neighborhood about a contractor that you plan on hiring. In doing so, you will get references from people you know and trust.

4.  Is He Experienced in His Field?

Experience is a very important requirement when employing anyone for a job as dangerous and demanding as an electrician’s job. You want them to have the right skill set, knowledge, and awareness of safety standards in order to have a safe and satisfying experience. And this is only possible when the contractor is experienced in his field, so never shy from asking contractors about their work experience in their fields and inquiring about their qualifications.

5.  Are They a Specialized or a General Electrician?

Electricians are of two types; specialized and general. Specialized electricians focus on particular electrical areas of interest and are experienced in their respective areas, whereas general electricians can handle most of the common electrical installations and repair but can’t quite deal with more complex situations requiring an advanced understanding of the field.

Therefore, it is important that you know the level of the work you need to get done so that you know which contractor you need. Once this is has been determined, ask your prospective contractor if he is specialized or a general contractors so that you can decide if he is good enough for the job or not.

6.  What Will He Be Charging?

You will want to know the cost of your electrical work before you hire your contractor. This is because it is very common for homeowners to be fooled into paying for their electricity bills through their noses and getting robbed of their hard-earned money. Therefore, always ask your contractor about what he will be charging for the assigned work. It is best to ask a number of different contractors for their quotations so that you have a fair idea of the price range that is best for your work. A benefit of this is that you can avoid paying ridiculously high bills.

7.  Who Will Be Doing the Work?

To ensure that you have the best people working on your case, always ask your electrician about who is going to be doing the work at your property. Whether it is going to be the contractor that you are in contact with himself or the people who work under him. This is because you need to know the credibility and skill set of the person who will be handling your case; you would not want to pay expensive bills for a job that is not done well.

8.  Does He Offer a Warranty?

It is very important that you ask your contractor about his warranty policies. Not only is this going to give you peace of mind, but will also ensure that your electrical installations and repairs are done properly.


Hopefully, these points will help you get the best electrical contractor for your electrical installations and repairs. However, if you are looking for an experienced, skilled, and qualified electrician in the Florence, SC area and not willing to waste a lot of time or energy looking for one, try Mister Sparky of Florence, SC. Call 843-375-6999 to book an appointment today.