Things Your Local Electrical Service Wishes You Knew | Florence, SC

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Everyone’s home is hooked up to electrical service in one way or another. Most people don’t even think about electrical power, and just take it for granted that they can plug their devices in at home. Most likely, you don’t think about your electrical service in Florence, SC until something goes wrong as well.

However, home electrical systems are very complicated, and it is a lot easier for things to go wrong than most homeowners realize. Electricians with decades of experience handling electrical service often comment on things they wish their customers knew. Not only would this knowledge help their customers, but it would help them when they come into homes for electrical service repair jobs. Here are just a few things that your local electrician in Florence, SC likely wishes you knew. 

Keep Your DIY Projects in Check 

It is wonderful to explore DIY projects you can do within your home, but if you don’t have much experience with electrical service then it’s best to leave electrical work to the professionals. Outside of replacing outlet covers, it’s probably not a great idea for you to try to fix your own electrical system. Even if you can bury the mess you make behind drywall, it is never truly gone and a simple error is all it takes to burn down your home or blow out your circuits. If you need electrical service work done, turn to a professional instead of a DIY blog and save yourself time, money, and potential safety risks.

Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Common Warning Signs

Even if you don’t know the common warning signs of issues with home electrical systems, common sense tells you when certain things are wrong. If an outlet is making a popping sound, your light switch feels very warm to the touch when you go to turn off the lights, or the lights flicker every day when the furnace cycles, there is something wrong with your electrical service.

No one wants to spend money on an electrician or deal with the hassle of booking a time for an electrician to come to their home. However, small problems can quickly turn into large problems that are a hazard if left unaddressed. It is always best to call a Florence, SC electrician when you start to notice warning signs instead of waiting until it is an emergency.

Low Voltage Does Not Equal Low Danger

Sure, working on a project that involves a low-voltage system is not as potentially dangerous as working on the breaking box of an electrical service, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely safe either. Many people hear the term low voltage and think that means the electrical issue is something they can tackle. All wiring in your home or business should be treated as if it is standard wiring.

Keep in mind that low voltage wiring simply refers to the voltage, is does not indicate what the current running through the line is like. It is the current that can get you, not the voltage. Low-voltage lines can have very high currents that are not safe, so it is usually a good idea to call in your electrician and bypass any danger all together.

Replacing a Two-Slot Outlet is Not as Simple as Changing the Outlet Cover

Most major appliances and electronics these days require a three-slot outlet, so it can be tempting in Florence, SC to simply replace your two-slot outlet with three-slot outlets. However, the process is not as simple as just getting the three-pronged plug to fit into the slot. The outlet needs to be grounded first otherwise you run the risk of electrocution or fire. The easiest way to find out whether an outlet is grounded or not is with a tester.

If you don’t have a tester you can call your local electrician in Florence, SC who should easily be able to find out for you. Older homes are less likely to be properly grounded, although many times electricians that are not properly trained will make errors that leave a home that appears grounded improperly protected. If you have any doubts, consult with an electrician who can evaluate your entire electrical service to make sure your home is safe. 

Never Tape a Circuit Breaker Down

Sometimes clients without much electrical knowledge will try to tape down or place pressure on a circuit breaker so that it stops tripping. This is not the solution, and can be very dangerous. When a circuit breaker trips it is a sign that there is a problem. The circuit breaks in order to protect your electrical box and home from a power surge. If it keeps popping then there is a problem that you need to fix immediately. 

By taping down the circuit, you allow a very dangerous electrical flow to free unchecked in and out of your home. Outside of breaking your entire electrical panel, you could actually cause a home fire. In any event, you should call an electrician before something more serious happens.

Overhead Power Lines are Dangerous

You may see birds and squirrels sitting untouched on overhead lines and think they are safe to handle fi they fall down, but the only reason they aren’t frying is because they are not completing the circuit. If a bird or squirrel were to touch the wire and the ground they would instantly be electrocuted. Overhead lines are generally not insulated since they cannot be reached by people to touch, so never touch a bare wire if it falls. Immediately call Mister Sparky your local emergency services and general electrical services. These wires can be potentially fatal, so ensure that no children or pets go near them until the proper authorities can get on the scene.