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Although danger lurks everywhere, in a kitchen, it’s imminent. In fact, approximately 49 percent of fires in most U.S. homes start in the kitchen. But this is nothing compared to a commercial kitchen with more risks, making it among the most dangerous workplaces.

Cooking in a restaurant is an extreme sport; with customers shouting orders, employees racing all over the crowded kitchen, and returning food to impatient clients, it’s not surprising that most workers end up suffering an injury on the job. These injuries are severe compared to those suffered in normal kitchens.

Common injuries in a commercial kitchen include burns, scald injuries, cuts, and slipping. But the most severe afflictions are those resulting from electrical issues. Electrical problems can not only lead to the closure of your restaurant but also lead to fire or even electrocution.

Thus, restaurant owners in Florence, SC need professional electrical services to ensure their electrical appliances and the overall electric system is maintained regularly to avoid dangers related to electrical problems. If you are a restaurant owner or manager, continue reading to know electrical issues to keep an eye out for.

Circuit Overloads

The electrical circuit in your commercial kitchen can only handle minimal electricity. The circuit consists of a breaker, wiring, and devices. When the devices run, they consume electricity, adding to the circuit’s total load. When these appliances exceed the rated load for the circuit wiring, the breaker or fuse trips, shutting down the entire circuit’s power.

Overloading your restaurant outlets is dangerous. For starters, it can destroy the kitchen’s electrical system or even cause a fire. Commercial kitchen owners are advised to avoid plugging multiple machines into one extension cord or outlet and ensure electrical equipment that’s not in use is turned off.

To avoid electrocution, you should have an electrical company in Florence, SC install multiple GFCI outlets throughout the kitchen. Electricians strongly advise restaurant owners to avoid using extension leads and double adaptors.

In addition, if your restaurant is over 10 years old, it is likely to have outdated electrical wiring. In such cases, you should seek professional electrical services from a certified electrical contractor.

Extension Cords

Although they are commonly used for residential and commercial purposes, extension cords are hazardous. Surprisingly, approximately 3,300 home fires in the United States originate from these cords annually.

The major issue with extension cords is that they are prone to daily wear and tear. In restaurants, individuals trip over them and jerk the plug from the socket, damaging it.

These cords can also be damaged when people step on the cable or doors close on them. Also, if you are using these cords outside, they deteriorate faster due to exposure to the sun. In addition, improper coiling destroys extension cords because it creates kinks in the line, causing the casing to break over time.

A damaged cord is dangerous as it causes a short circuit. To avoid seeking costly electrical services related to extension cords, you should store your lines in a dry place away from any chemicals, moisture buildup, walkways, or hot surfaces.

In a restaurant, never use extension cords as a permanent power supply for kitchen appliances. When you notice the line tends to feel warm when using it, this could mean excess current in the line that could expose you to electrocution if it becomes fully overloaded. You should immediately unplug the overheating electrical cord and replace it with a new one.

Damaged Machines

You can reduce the risk of electrical shock in your restaurant by ensuring your appliances are working correctly. If you have faulty or worn-out equipment, you should remove them.

Restaurant owners should also avoid using electrical devices that have damaged cords or exposed wiring. If they have such appliances, they should seek electrical services to replace or repair the equipment.

Instead of requesting for electrical services, some business owners resort to quick hacks of placing electrical tapes on exposed power cords or wires and continue using the appliance. This is dangerous; you should not use electrical tape to fix exposed wiring. Instead, unplug the machine and request electrical services from a professional electrician in Florence, SC.

Safety Switches

A safety switch or disconnect detects electric current in various applications. Although safety switches are used in major equipment applications, they are also effective for the entire system’s electrical protection.

They are designed to monitor the current and detect faults in the commercial kitchen’s electrical system. In case of an overload, short-circuit, or equipment failure, the safety switch immediately disconnects power to the electrical system in trouble.

To prevent electrical hazards, most commercial eateries have safety switches in case of an emergency. It’s important to know which switches work with each piece of equipment. Also, you should train your staff on when and how to use the switches to ensure the safety of everyone in case of an electrical issue.

Outlets That Are Not GFCI Code Compliant

Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) ensures safe operations in your commercial kitchen. GFCI protection is mandatory and helps protect you and your workers from electrical shocks caused by wet floors, poorly maintained electrical gadgets, lack of electrical safety training, and damaged electrical cords.

GFCI outlets are extra sensitive than circuit breakers and react faster, protecting your staff from the devastating effects of electric shock. They also save you from costly electrical services.

Call Mister Sparky of Florence to Help You Have a Safe and Fully Functional Kitchen

Commercial Kitchens have a fair share of electrical problems. No restaurant owner wants to keep requesting electrical services for the same problem. It’s not only annoying but also costly. Not to worry, though; at Mister Sparky of Florence, we have trained staff that can offer long-lasting solutions for such issues.

Our electricians are experts in commercial kitchen electrical wiring and can easily identify common problems and fix them. Additional electrical services available in our company include EV charge sanitation, electrical wiring, emergency repairs, code compliance, and generator maintenance. Buzz us at Mister Sparky of Florence today!

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