When Should You Call an Electrician? | Electrical Contractors in Florence, SC

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You are all alone in your new house. It is the dead of night. Your lamp keeps turning on and off. Other lights in your house are dimming. Some are flickering at various intervals. It feels cold in the bedroom. You nestle into your bed and your imagination runs wild. You wonder if your house has a ghost that is haunting the halls at night.

It’s probably not a ghost! Flickering and dimming lights or a change in voltage may be a sign of an electrical wiring problem. If you live in one of the older houses or apartment buildings in Florence, SC, this issue might be common because of the aging and weather-damaged wiring systems that are still installed in some of the houses.

So you do not need to hold séances with a psychic to cleanse your house. Instead, all you need to do is call an electrical contractor to fix your problem. However, if you are living alone or have recently begun to live alone, you may not be up-to-speed on common electrical issues. Here is a full guide to electrical issues and how to respond to them.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

If your lamps or hall lights are flickering or dimming frequently, it might be an electrical problem rather than a supernatural one.

Flickering lights could indicate that the electrical system has a poor connection. This could potentially be dangerous and lead to arcing where loose electrical connections can spark or heat up. In case your electrical connections overheat or spark, you are at risk of fire hazard in your Florence, SC home. In other words, ignoring dimming or flickering lights then could be a fire hazard.

If you notice your lamp is flickering, immediately call electrical contractors in your area.

Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Sometimes, a lot of bulbs can blow out in the house or more frequently than is normal. This is a worrying sign as it could be indicative of loose circuit connections or socket connections. You will have to keep buying more light bulbs as a consequence and possibly even experience a fire or spark in the electrical circuit system since loose connections are a known fire hazard.

If you have too many light bulbs are burning out in your house, you need to contact electrician in Florence, SC.

Non-Functional or Problematic Outlets

If most of your outlets are not functioning or have been dying recently, you may have a case of acing on your hands.

The outlets may be victims of a loose or poor connection of electrical circuit networks or a tripped electrical breaker. If the outlets are not functioning because of tripped electrical breakers, you will probably end up with melted wires or outlets.

It is then important to keep having regular checkups of your electrical systems to prevent these problems and to get immediate help when these problems occur.

If you have warm or overheated outlets, you should similarly take the initiative and call electrical contractor in Florence, SC, since they might be dangerous. It is also important to not use these outlets when they are warm.

Tripped Electrical Breakers

Your electrical breakers are basically the controls of your main electrical unit and control the flow of electric current through the circuit system in place. Tripped breaks could be indicative of an overworked or overloaded electrical circuit and a sign of excessive electricity in the system.

If your breakers trip often or have started to in the recent past, you should call electrical contractor in Florence, SC immediately. They will examine the problem before it can become a hazard and advise you on the best course of action.

The electrical services will usually either tell you to add a circuit in your main electrical system or upgrade your electrical system. Either way, you will have a hazard-free living environment.

Broken Light Switch

Some times you have regular problems like a broken light switch. These are rarely worrisome situations but an electrical contractor is necessary to fix the issue, especially in a city like Florence, SC.

The electrical contractor will need to switch off the circuit breaker, remove the faceplate and remove the light switch and then reassemble it. An electrical contractor will be able to do the job safely and professionally so their presence is recommended.

If you decide to do it on your own, you may not know which circuit breaker to turn off, which tools to use or how to correctly test or handle the wires connected to the light switch. If you make a wrong move, you may get an electric shock.

Short Circuit

This is the most commonly occurring electrical issue that requires electrician services. Simple short circuits are often less hazardous. These can be caused by electrical appliances tripping or short-circuiting the electrical systems in your Florence, SC, home.

If short circuits are caused by appliances, for example, a straightener, you need only take it out. However, sometimes the short circuit is not caused by an appliance. In this case, you should call an electrical contractor in Florence, SC for your home.

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