Common Electrical Repair Mistakes and Their Solutions | Electrical Repair in Florence, SC

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Wiring and electrical works are crucial components of the structure of your house. Therefore, a significant amount of money goes into their installation, maintenance and repair. Dealing with something as intricate as wiring and electrical works, can be a risky job. Therefore, safety precautions are necessary prerequisites when it comes to an electrical repair in Florence, SC.

It is not uncommon for people to commit mistakes while performing an electrical repair in Florence, SC. It is perfectly alright to commit these mistakes, as long as they are not left untreated. In the following paragraphs you will discuss the common electrical repair mistakes and ways to deal with them.

Let’s break it down.

Connecting Wires Outside the Box

One of the most common mistakes people make while performing an electrical repair in Florence, SC is that they connect wires outside the electrical box. These boxes keep the connections safe, and protect the outside environment from any possible heating and sparking in the wires.


It is quite easy to deal with such problems. Simply install a junction box and keep the connections inside it.

Cutting the Wires Too Short

While performing an electrical repair in Florence, SC, people tend to cut the wires too short. Cutting the wires too short, makes it difficult for the wires to be connected and it is equally as dangerous. Wires should be left to protrude at least 3 inches from the box.


There is an easy fix for short wires if you run into them during an electrical repair in Florence, SC. All you have to do is add at least 6 inch extensions onto the existing wires.

Leaving the Cables Unprotected

Plastic sheathed cables that are left exposed between framing members are easy to get damaged. According to the laws on electrical repair in Florence, SC, cables should be protected perfectly, to eliminate the chances of any accidents. Normally, cables are more vulnerable to damage when they are run over or under the wall or ceiling framing.


In order to make up for such a mistake, the exposed plastic must be protected by nailing an inch thick board alongside the wire.

Insufficient Support for Outlets and Switches

Loose outlets and switches not only appear bad, but they can be just as dangerous if left untreated. The fact that they are loose, allows them to swing around, thus loosening the wires from their terminals. Loose wires always have the possibility of heating up and causing a fire hazard. Timely action must be taken in order to protect you and your family from a fire hazard.


Loose outlets can be fixed by shimming under the screws, so as to create a tight connection to the box. You can find the spacers required for this job at any hardware or electrical store.

Recessing Boxes Behind Wall Surfaces

If the wall is made up of any combustible material, the electrical boxes must be flushed to its surface. When recessed boxes are placed behind a wall made up of combustible materials, the possibility of a fire hazard prevails. It happens because the wall is exposed to heat and sparks. If the wall is made up of wood, there is a good chance that it will catch fire.


This issue can be fixed with an easy electrical repair in Florence, SC.  All you have to do, it place a plastic or a metal extension. Just in case you are using a metal extension on a plastic box, connect the extension to the ground wire in the box with a clip.

Cable Installation Without a Clamp

Another common mistake people make while performing an electrical repair in Florence, SC is installing a cable without a clamp. A cable that is less secured tends to strain the connection. Internal cable clamps are not required in single plastic boxes. On the other hand larger boxes have internal cable clamps. Cables need to be connected to these metal boxes with cable clamps.


In order to get rid of this problem, ensure that cable sheath is trapped under the clamp. Most metal boxes have inbuilt clamps, and if your metal box lacks the clamps, buy them separately.

Overfilling of the Electrical Boxes

While performing an electrical repair in Florence, SC, people tend to stuff too many wires in a smaller box. This can result in short circuits, fire hazards and overheating.


The best way to cope with this mistake is by opting for bigger boxes and trying on different sizes to determine the actual size required.

Reversal of Hot and Neutral Wires

During an electrical repair in Florence, SC, people tend to connect the hot black wires to the neutral terminal of an outlet. This can result in a strong electrical shock, which can be lethal. The problem is that it is difficult to figure this mistake out unless someone gets an electrical shock. The lights and other devices continue to work, but they just don’t work safely.


To deal with this problem, always connect the white wire to the neutral terminals of the outlets. The hot wire must be connected to the other terminal.


We have discussed earlier on how the wiring and the electrical appliances are crucial components of your home. On order to make them run safely and smoothly, time and money needs to invested in electrical repair in Florence, SC. The wiring and the electrical works must be checked and repaired on a timely basis, just to avoid any possible disaster in the form of short circuiting and fire hazard.

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