With An Electrician It’s All in the Wiring | Florence, SC

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There are times when the need for an emergency electrician comes in handy, and those living in the Florence, SC area know exactly who they can trust. With Mister Sparky, they know they have a qualified electrician on their side to fix their woes, big or small. Power outages, tripped breakers, and bad wiring all need attention from time to time, and the professionals at Mister Sparky can certainly deliver when times are tough.

Homes that have been built between the years 1970 and 1976 hold their own risks when it comes to faults in the electrical wiring. Back then, most homes came with electrical wiring that had been coated in aluminum, a highly malleable alloy that has always been prone to rips, tears, and holes. As a direct result, most wiring for those homes had to be replaced with copper wiring, which is tougher but still pliable.

Aluminum wiring does pose the unfortunate risk of a fire hazard, especially right at the connector tips where the electricity is transferred right to the switch. Wire connectors are also supposed to connect between two or more wires in order to safely conduct the electricity for home use. They should be able to do so without the threat of fires; in fact, their primary function is to prevent electrical fires from happening in the first place. Since aluminum is much softer than copper, it can actually cause more fires than copper. When purchasing a home around this time period, you should consider calling an electrician to come over and inspect your home’s wiring to see what can be done to remedy the situation.

The good news is that it may not be necessary for the electrician to replace your entire wiring system. All they would need to do is get in and simply replace the aluminum connectors with copper in order to prevent electrical fires from happening. This should be enough to ensure that only copper would need to connect to switches, outlets, or other wiring for a smooth transition of power without the dangers of a fire. The only other issue would be to upgrade your junction boxes, and that can be done by a qualified professional.

But aluminum or no, any type of wiring in older buildings gets stressed out when used so extensively. This is especially true in cases where you’ve hooked up large appliances such as washers and dryers, or newer, more modern devices such as home computers and online gaming systems. Most homes that were built after 1985 have greater odds of being able to withstand greater electricity usage, as the wiring was specifically designed for use that is much heavier than it was in previous years. Getting your electric wires professionally inspected by an electrician is a must for any older home.

There are clues that your wiring is old and about to fail at some point. One is when you keep tripping the breaker during use. This can be expected when you plug in and use multiple devices or appliances from the same outlet and right at the same time. The regular use of extension cords can also pose a problem in that they use larger surges of power for multiple devices. Plus, their extensive use may be telling you that you simply need to have more outlets installed, and that’s far more common with older homes than anything new.

You may turn on a light only to notice that it either dims or flickers. At first, you could chalk it up to the possibility that you might need to change out your light bulb, which is something that can be easily done in a minute and costs no money. But once you’ve changed that light bulb, you notice that problem happening again. If this happens often enough, then you should call on your electrician to come and assess the issue. Odds are great that the problem could be traced to old or defective wiring.

Sudden surges in your power can happen, and they often prove to be fatal. Surges are short-term bursts of sudden power that come unexpectedly and can eventually wreak havoc on your system if not stopped in time. In homes, they are mainly traced to a tripping of the circuit breaker which goes unnoticed by homeowners.

The trouble with these sudden surges is that they can cause extensive damage to your home’s electric wiring, which is something that will lead to fires caused by electricity inside your home. The cure for this issue is to invest in electric surge protection, which is something that can be done by a professional electrician at your request.

Good surge protection is usually done by a device that is installed by the electrician. This is done in a manner that is safe and effective for your home. During the process, the electrician will install it in a way that protects not only your wiring and outlets but also provides protection to your appliances from sudden spikes in electric output. This device should be able to block the current below the safety threshold so that anything that’s plugged into an outlet remains unharmed. Plus, this could greatly reduce the likelihood of electrical fires inside your wiring so that your home and assets remain safe in the process.

Good surge protection offers other related benefits that save you time, money, and much anxiety in the long run. It can protect most of your equipment and keep it sturdy and running in the years to come. This includes computers, TVs, gaming systems, and all appliances, great and small. Plus, any life saving devices such as scooter chairs and oxygen tanks can be protected from a breakdown as the result of a sudden power surge.

Residents in Florence, SC know that electrical problems can result from anything, whether it’s an old, outdated wiring system or a natural disaster. Staying in the dark is no fun and can be quite spooky. Yet, electricity is not something that can be taken for granted, so when it goes down, just call or visit Mister Sparky today.